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The difference with all Covers and All® outdoor furniture covers is that all 3 fabrics with Four categories are manufactured to be breathable. They are unique, technologically advanced fabrics that are inherently water resistant and truly breathable. Learn more by selecting a fabric.

Material Fabric Dennier Best For Waterproof/Resistant Warranty on Fabric Colors Available
18 OZ, 1000D Extreme weather conditions,
Outdoor Patio Furniture, Waterproof
Waterproof 5 Years
Black Black
Grey Grey
blue Blue
Burgundy Burgundy
Red Red
Coffee Brown Coffee Brown
12 OZ, 600D Shaded - Semi Shaded Areas Waterproof 3 Years
Light Gray
Light sand Light sand
12 OZ, 1000D Both Side PVC Coated, Waterproof,
UV Resistant Fabric
Waterproof 3 Years
Black Black
Grey Grey
Blue Blue
Beige Beige
Brown Brown
White White

Note: While we make all efforts to reproduce accurate colors on our website, the settings on your computer may not accurately represent the actual products & colors.

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More About Our Fabrics


Don’t leave safety of your furniture under surveillance of cheap covers.

We all love to spend our time in the backyard or go out for camping with our loved ones when the weather is pleasant. However, the pleasant weather often surprises us with uninvited conditions. Apart from these, it isn’t possible to always move certain objects in and out. These are the time you need a durable and reliable cover. The requirement may range from chair covers to grill covers and bicycle covers to fire pit covers.

The cover needs to fit all your requirements

We are well aware of the intruding UV rays in earth’s atmosphere. While we have clothes, moisturizers and sunscreen lotions to protect from the harsh atmosphere, our furniture and other equipment also need special protection; atleast when they are not being used. At this stage, before choosing the right cover, you need to ensure that the cover fits not only the furniture or equipment but also your requirements.

Cover Tuff: One cover with numerous benefits

Now, this is exactly that one creation which is housed with every feature you need to ensure the safety of your things. The 18 Oz durable heavy weight fabric is crafted with high persistence polyester yard fabric. The creators of fabric have claimed that it neither cracks nor flakes during its entire life cycle.

Ahhh, so you like personalized covers!!

Gone are the days when there was the same kind of cover for everyone. While our covers protect your equipment and furniture, we ensure that you create a distinct impression. We offer our clients to personalize their tough covers with the message or print they want. Whatever it is, your name, some brand name, a painting, or anything else. Just share with us, we’ll adore it beautifully over the cover.

Wait!! There’s more in it

The features mentioned above didn’t make it all. The highly durable cover is waterproof and UV resistant also. The tried and tested fabric material makes an ideal choice for extreme weather conditions also. It is because of these qualities and the trust which follows that it comes with a 5-year warranty (against manufacturing defects).

What are you thinking about?

Are you still confused? Well, I would say this isn’t a cover to be confused about. You can leave your furniture and other products out in the extreme weather conditions without any worry. But yes, do not forget to cover them with cover tuff (leaving them naked might harm). The covers are available in two colors, black, and gray.


What is Cover Max and Why Do We Use It to Design Our Covers?

We believe in offering our customers the best and that means using high quality and durable material to create our products. Cover Max fits our definition of perfection to the tee. Made from 1000D 100 percent polyester, Cover Max takes the cake for being one of the strongest fabrics out there on the market right now.

What Does the “D” in 1000 Stand for and Why is It Important to Know?

The “D” in 1000 references denier or sheerness of polyester’s fiber. The higher the denier of a material is, the stronger it is. Imagine how strong our 1000D Cover Max cover is then. The thickness of the material increases the material’s ability to survive the toughest weather conditions.

Our Cover Max Will Stand Tall and Proud No Matter What Mother Nature Throws at It!

We designed Cover Max using material that breathes! You can leave your barbeque grill, outdoor furniture, water fountain, or generator covered as long as you want. The breathable fabric will ensure your belongings remain cool by releasing the heat.

We wanted to offer your item additional protection so we applied PU coating to make the cover water repellent. Not only that, but Cover Max is also water-resistant, UV-resistant, and mold and mildew resistant.

Cover Max Will Help You Protect Your Belongings for Several Years

Cover Max will last you several years! You will not have to replace it after one month, three months, or even a year. You can leave the cover out in the rain, snow, and wind and you will come back to a cover that never left its position. If you want a cover that will stand its ground, you need to buy Coverandall’s superior quality covers!

You Have the Option to Select Cover Max for a Variety of Different Items

Cover Max remains one of our more popular options to select amongst our customers when ordering a cover to protect their item. We have made this option available on a variety of different items. Some of the items you will find this as an option include:

  • Grill Covers
  • Firewood Covers
  • Patio Furniture Covers
  • Table Covers
  • Patio Heater Covers
  • Outdoor TV Covers
  • And Several More Items

Cover Max is Customizable and Available in Three Different Colors

You can customize Cover Max by selecting the color, text, and image you want us to place on it. You can specify the measurements and dimensions as well. Cover Max is available in grey . Grey is neutral colors that tend to go with almost every theme.

Choose Cover Max to Offer Your Belongings the Ultimate Protection!