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Durable & Waterproof Patio Furniture Covers

A cozy patio overlooking the green outdoors is a perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of tea or an evening chat with friends. If worried about placing your snazzy, stylish furniture on the patio lest it gets spoiled by the elements, rest assured we have you covered. Our custom patio furniture covers are made from PVC-coated polyester. These outdoor furniture covers are available in two fabrics- Cover Max and Cover Tuff. Ideal for moderate weather conditions, our Cover Max fabric is highly durable and long-lasting. They are made of 1000 denier, PVC polyester fabric weighing 12 oz. Highly protective in nature, our Cover Max fabric is completely waterproof and UV resistant. Our patio furniture covers such as patio chairs covers, outdoor couch covers, patio table covers, and more are durable and tear & abrasion resistant. They are not heavy and feel soft like vinyl. They come with a 3-year warranty. Our Cover Tuff fabric, as the name suggests, can give a tough time to the extreme weather conditions. Crafted from 1000 denier PVC polyester fabric, these custom patio furniture covers are heavy duty and long-lasting. The medium weight covers weigh approximately 18 oz and are easy to install. Offering functionality with endurance, this waterproof patio covering has a lifespan of up to 5 years. Besides, their tear and abrasion resistance attribute make them thrive in harsh conditions, adding more life to them. They keep your furniture under the outdoor furniture covers waterproof.

Outdoor Furniture Covers are Available in Multiple Colors & Tie-down Options

All your patio furniture can now have strong, long-lasting, and durable outdoor table cover that fit them like a glove. Our outdoor lifestyle covers come fitted with air pockets that prevent the formation of mold and mildew on the furniture surface. More importantly, these waterproof patio coverings stay in place during windy days. We provide several tie-down options to keep the heavy duty waterproof outdoor furniture covers secured properly. These include a drawstring, elastic to secure the underneath and push clips to secure the legs. Next time the wind blows, you need not step out to check if the covers are secured. A mismatched cover is a turn-off if you want classy and elegant décor. We understand that a perfect color is a real game changer. This is where our striking color palette comes handy for all aesthetic décor enthusiasts. Choose from black, brown, white, beige, red, blue, gray, etc., and let your furniture do the talking.

Personalized Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover Look Classy

From chairs to tables and daybed, we have the option to personalize everything and anything you are looking for. Be it your outdoor chair covers, outdoor table covers, or any other customizable outdoor furniture, be rest assured of the perfect fitted covers for outdoor furniture. You can give a personalized touch to your outdoor by personalizing your patio furniture covers to reflect your taste. Send us the measurements of all your oddly shaped furniture and we will design the snug-fit covers exclusively for you. If you’re looking for a stamp of class, make sure to personalize your covers with your name or initials, or your preferred stamp, image, or logo. Also, get free shipping on orders over $99.

Patio Furniture Covers FAQs:

1. Which is the most weather-resistant material for patio furniture covers?

Ans: Cover Tuff fabric is the most weather-resistant material available. It can handle extreme weather, UV resistance and comes with 5 years of warranty coverage.

2. How can the outdoor furniture covers avoid moisture or condensation from the inside?

Ans: Our outdoor furniture covers are equipped with air pockets that help facilitate airflow. This further enhances the breathability of the covers preventing them from moisture and condensation.

3. What kind of maintenance & care is required for patio furniture?

Ans: Outdoor furniture should be covered with high-quality patio furniture covers only for long-lasting usage and maintenance. However, read our Patio Furniture Maintenance and Care instructions for more details.

4. What criteria am I looking at when purchasing patio furniture covers?

Ans: Basically, customers have a choice of choosing fabric for the furniture according to the usage and regional climate conditions. If the customer is purchasing the covers for extreme weather, he can select Cover Tuff material, otherwise, Cover Max is the right pick.

5. What are your Patio furniture covers made of?

Ans: Our furniture covers are crafted from non-woven Polypropylene in standard 1000 Denier Polyester. In depth description on the different materials can be viewed by visiting our Compare Materials chart which is listed on each product.

6. What happens if my new patio furniture cover is damaged when it arrives?

Ans: Usually all our products go through several quality checks before they are dispatched. This minimizes any chances of error. However, in case you are not satisfied, please check our return policy.

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