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Buy Covers & All's Weatherproof Car Covers for your Car’s All-Round Protection

There’s no denying that your car is your greatest possession. No matter where you park – indoors or outdoors, it needs utmost coverage to ward off the detrimental effects of weather, outdoor elements, discoloration, fading, uncertain dings and more. Over time, it might run the risk of damage if left uncovered. To save your car from such impairments, buying Covers & All’s Custom Car Covers become essential.

If looking for best car covers for hail protection, custom car dash covers, custom car covers with mirror pockets, best indoor car covers, custom race covers, breathable car covers, or any other automobile covers look no further and explore our custom car covers category and buy custom fit outdoor car covers at best prices.

  • Our All-Weather Custom Car Covers are Water & Snow Resistant

The weather is uncertain and can turn awry in no time. When parked outdoors, your car had to bear nature’s brunt. Heavy downpours, snow and hailstorms not only result in unexpected dings and dents, but can even lead to corrosion, if the chipped paint is left exposed. Covers & All’s best outdoor car covers for snow and rain are designed to repel such damages, keeping your car pristine no matter how heavily it rains or snows.

The water-resistant covers crafted from 4 layers of fabric with a waterproof polypropylene layer in between act as a shield against moisture. Our waterproof car covers prevent moisture from affecting your car as the water sheds as soon as it hits the vehicle. This way, your car stays clean – miles away from rust, corrosion, dings and dents. Further, the open pores in the fabric allow the air to pass through it, keeping your car dry and safe from mold or mildew growth.

  • Resilient Car Covers Provide Impeccable Protection from Dust & Debris

Whether parked indoors or outdoors, chances are that dust and debris will settle on your vehicle, leaving your car with ugly patches, stains, scratches, chipped paint and more. To insure your car with the maximum protection, polished and glossy sheen, our best indoor car covers, and outdoor car covers serve the deal.

Crafted from robust materials Duro Pro and Duro Max materials, our amazing car covers keep your car’s exteriors and interiors spick and span. No dust or flying debris such as leaves, broken twigs, etc can ruin your car’s premium appeal. Thus, preventing the structure of your vehicle from any breakage or distortion.

Furthermore, the dust particles lead to scratches and abrasions when rubbed while dusting. By sheathing the vehicle with our best custom car covers, you not only limit your car’s exposure to dust that can jam or clog machinery but block the dust from spoiling its premium sheen and glossy finish. Plus, you are relieved of regular washing and cleaning, saving you time, effort and money.

  • Custom Outdoor Car Covers Resist UV Rays & Fading

Long exposure to the sun causes your vehicle’s paint to fade and peel off. Covers & All’s robust fabric car covers made of non-woven material offer medium UV resistance. Besides protecting your automobiles from the disastrous effects of harsh UV radiation, the premium covers keep the car cool despite long exposure to the scorching sun.

Furthermore, the excessive heat also heightens tire pressure, making the tires more susceptible to damage. It also leads to fading the seat covers and even causing their material to crack. So, why waste time when you can ensure foolproof protection of your vehicle by covering it with our classic car covers and keep it immaculate for years to come.

Our custom fitted car covers stop the fiery sun from taking its toll on your prized possession and help protect its components including trims, roof racks, headlights and bumpers from devaluation over time.

Our Best Outdoor Car Covers are Anti-Static

Have you ever experienced a sudden shock when opening your car? That’s because of electrons or static charges that build up on the car’s surface. The static electricity not only zaps but can ignite gasoline vapors, causing fires at fuel pumps. Our custom car covers for outdoors are designed to be anti-static. They prevent the free-flowing electrons from settling on the car and help protect you and your car from little shocks.

The Custom–Made Covers for Glove-Like Fitting

In the market full of universal canvas covers, finding the perfect custom outdoor car cover that offers a glove-like fit is a task. From Limo to sports car and sedan to hatchback, every car model is structured and designed differently. Sheathing it with a universal cover may run you the risk of damage as it tends to be larger or smaller than the car model you are planning to cover.

Further, an ill-fitted car cover is an open invitation to critters, rodents, mold, water, snow and dust. Until the cover provides complete coverage, its foolproof protection always remains at stake. Therefore, a car covers custom fit always takes precedence when selecting all weather car covers.

To combat weather woes, sizing issues and curtail impact of outdoor elements, Covers & All’s custom fitted car covers are tailor-made to provide the perfect fit that hugs the silhouettes of your vehicle. Made-to-measure according to the exact dimensions and model of your car, our best outdoor custom covers are custom-made.

Without the slightest hassle, you can customize the covers using our measuring guide. Input the dimensions and we will deliver you the best custom fit car covers your car can’t thank you enough.

Convenient Tie-Downs with Weather Resistant Car Covers Ensure Foolproof Security

Done with slipping and sliding of your regular car covers whenever it rains heavily or becomes windy around? Shop online for our best car covers that guarantee foolproof coverage and unhindered protection. Unlike regular covers that slither away every now and then, Covers All’s robust car covers crafted from high-quality extra stretchy fabric with a stretchability ratio of 70-30% stay shipshape almost like a retractable car cover.

These covers are highly practical and handy when it comes to their usage. The stretchable material along with sturdy elastic provided all around the edges is a functional solution to secure the cover in its place. Easy to sheath and remove, these stretchable car covers come off easily while offering a tight grip and kempt look, especially in windy weather. So, your car remains impeccable no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.

To further double the security, a drawstrap provided at the bottom helps cinch the cover in position, adding an extra layer of security to your car.

Reusable Custom Car Covers are Wrinkle-Resistant

Do you prioritize reusability when looking for the perfect car cover? Covers & All’s wrinkle-resistant car covers serve the purpose. Weighing 5 oz, the lightweight covers facilitate convenient portability, transportation and storage. No matter where your car is parked, you can pick and transport the custom car covers outdoors without any hassle.

When not in use, just fold the cover and store it for the next use. The cover will not wrinkle or appear crushed despite folding, offering you an immaculate finish and spruced up look whenever you reuse it. Because your luxurious cars deserve nothing less than this.

Tear & Abrasion Resistance Adds Durability to our Automobile Covers

Durability defines the quality of the cover beyond a doubt. Therefore, our automobile covers are devised to be tear and abrasion resistant. Despite regular usage, falling debris, and unexpected weather woes, the covers remain intact, good ways away from tears, scuffs, scratches, slitting and more. The robust fabric looks spotless and as good as new always.

Now, you need not fret about ripping or splitting of the fabric even from the edges and creases. You can fold it the way you want, and it won’t show even the slightest signs of cracks, cuts, slits and abrasions.

Custom Car Covers Available with a Whopping Warranty

As customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, we swear by the premium quality of the covers. The durability of our custom car covers is backed by a whopping warranty of 5 to 10 years. So, shop for our best car covers to ensure long-lasting protection for your cars.

Attractive Colors in Car Covers at Your Disposal

The fine finesse of your luxurious car can take a backseat, if you pick an unattractive car cover that mars its premium appeal and appearance. Designed to elevate the allure of your opulent vehicle, we provide our premium car covers in three lux hues – white, gray and brown.

Why end up buying the same black car cover when you can experiment with interesting new-age hues and elevate the plush appeal of car even when its covered? Shop online for our high-quality car covers that render foolproof protection while uplifting its premier look.

Why Covers & All's Premium Car Covers are a Popular Choice?

    Covers & All’s premium car covers are a popular choice:
  • vailable in two sturdy fabric choices: Duro Max & Duro Pro.
  • Duro Max, the high-quality 180 GSM sturdy fabric comes with extra stretchability.
  • Duro Pro, the non-woven material is anti-static.
  • The size of the covers can be customized for custom fit and tailor-made finish.
  • Waterproof & UV-resistant covers to ward off unexpected weather woes.
  • Wrinkle-resistant for convenient storage and efficient reusability.
  • Highly durable covers come with 5 to 10 years of warranty.
  • Tear & abrasion-resistant covers stay durable and miles away from scuffs, abrasions, tearing and slitting.

How to Buy our Custom Car Covers?

    With a user-friendly mechanism, ordering with Covers & All is a breeze. Just follow the simple steps and shop for custom-fit covers in no time.
  • Select the model of the car you are looking for.
  • .Using our measuring guide, input the dimensions of the car in our measurement box.
  • Depending upon your region, location, requirements and needs, select the fabric from Duro Max and Duro Pro.
  • Upload your reference image for better understanding of the structure and curvatures of the car for that custom fit.
  • Add to cart and you will get a doorstep delivery of custom-made car covers.
  • Enjoy free shipping on all orders above $99.

Here's What our Customers Say About Us

Being the market leader in customized covers, we at Covers & All believe in providing exemplary services to our clients and take pride in bringing an ear-to-ear smile to their faces with our quality products. Here’s what our happy customers have to say about us:

“We ordered three custom chair covers which fit perfectly. The quality and workmanship exceed any covers we have owned. You will not be disappointed!” - Eugene F

“Great quality Fits perfectly” - Ronaldo L.

“Ordered a custom cover for our wood outdoor furniture. It fits great and looks great! Couldn’t be happier. Keeps the snow off perfectly! - Anna C

“Had a hard time finding a cover to fit my fire pit. And i saw this company. It was made like a pool cover. Love it!!!!” - Marie Z.

Custom Car Covers FAQs:

1. What is the custom car cover?

Ans: A custom car cover is tailor made keeping in account the exact curvature & structure of your vehicle. The custom-made covers ensure glove-like fitting as it hugs the vehicle’s silhouette offering a perfect fit.

2. How do I know what size car cover I need?

Ans: For a perfect custom sized car cover, just measure your car from left to right across the longest part, including bumpers, spare tires, and other accessories. Make sure, you measure in a straight line across your vehicle without including side mirrors and car’s contours.

3. How tight should a car cover fit?

Ans: It is recommended to perform a quick pull test to check the car cover’s fit. Don’t tighten the cover while placing to know the exact fit.

4. How do I pick a good car cover?

Ans: Picking a good car cover depends on where you park your car, as well as your own personal preferences. There are car covers for both indoor and outdoor usages. The indoor car covers are designed to protect the cars from impact, while outdoor car covers protect the cars from the weather. Certain features such as waterproof construction or thick padding depending upon your location may also be considered while purchasing a good car cover.

5. Is using a car cover a good idea?

Ans: There’s nothing better than investing in a good car cover when looking for a handy solution to ensure your car’s foolproof protection all-weather round. Car covers protect your vehicle from dust, water, snow, scorching sun and other uncertain elements and regular impacts over time.

7. Should I use a car cover every day?

Ans: Yes, you can use a cover every day to keep your car clean and clear off dust and moisture. However, regular sheathing and unsheathing may abrade or scratch your car, ruining its paint job. Therefore, it is recommended to cover your car when it's not in use on a regular basis.

8. Which is the best material for outdoor car cover?

Ans: For outdoor car covers, the best material is synthetic fabric with multiple layers, such as solution-dyed polyester and acrylic microfibers. These durable fabrics are as soft as cotton with the goodness of UV, water and mildew resistance.

9. When should I put a cover on my car?

Ans: Whenever your car is not in use, it is recommended to cover it. Whether it is parked indoors or outdoors, at any time of the day, cover it to protect it from heavy rain, snow, dust and other uncertain elements to limit damage.

10.Which type of car cover is the best?

Ans: Weatherproof & custom-fit car covers work best to ensure utmost coverage and protection for cars. Explore Covers & All’s premium car covers at competitive prices for better insight.

11. Why should I invest in a good quality car cover?

Ans: A good quality car cover can prevent your car's paint from fading and helps prevent its interiors from discoloring and disintegrating due to prolonged sun exposure.

12. Which is the best waterproof car cover?

Ans: For superior-quality waterproof car covers, visit Covers & All’s custom car covers category.

13. What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor car cover?

Ans: Outdoor car covers tend to be heavier and more rugged than indoor ones. Furthermore, they are designed to be waterproof and UV resistant, sturdy enough to combat all-weather conditions.

14. What is a breathable car cover?

Ans: Breathable car covers allow trapped moisture to evaporate quickly through the cover, shortening the amount of time your vehicle is wet. This prevents paint damage and rust formation on your vehicle.

15. Are these custom car covers waterproof?

Ans: Certainly, our car covers are water-resistant. They prevent moisture from coming in contact with your car and protect it against rust, corrosion and water damage.

16. Can a car cover protect a car from the sun?

Ans. The premium-quality car covers at Covers & All crafted from super-quality non-woven fabric are designed to be UV resistant. They protect your car’s interiors and exteriors from scorching heat, discoloration and help keep it cool.

17. Are car covers good for the winter?

Ans: Indeed! Regardless of what car’s model you drive, our outdoor car covers can protect it from snow, sleet, hail, and even freezing temperatures.

18. What is the best custom-fit car cover?

Ans: Covers & All has the best custom-fit car covers with the widest selection to fit your specific needs and car’s model - whether vintage, SUV, Limo, hatchback or sedan.

19. Can water leak through car covers?

Covers & All’s car covers made of Duro Pro fabric are waterproof and do not let water seep through them.

From Cars to Caravans, we have covers for Anything and Everything!

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