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Custom Fit Car Covers – The Ultimate Car Care Essential

Car covers are not just an accessory for luxury car enthusiasts. They are a valuable investment for any car owner, regardless of the make or model of the car. Whether you prefer to keep your car in a garage or park it in the open, we house a diverse range of custom-fit car covers tailored to provide customized protection in different weather conditions and settings. If you are looking for the best car cover in the USA, check out our premium range of custom-fit covers for your cars to provide lifetime protection.

Why do Custom Car Covers Have an Edge Over Ready-Made Covers?

Whether you drive a timeless vintage model or even a spacious limousine, our covers are engineered to match your vehicle's unique specifications flawlessly. Each of our car covers is tailor-made to fit your specific make and model, ensuring a snug, glove-like fit that leaves no room for compromise.

The tailored fit ensures that every contour and curve of your car is snugly covered, so no moisture can seep into crevices, harmful UV rays can fade away the exposed paint, or snow or debris can accumulate on the cover pockets. Their made-to-measure design extends the lifespan of your car and safeguards its appearance and mechanical integrity.

Custom outdoor car covers offer several important advantages when it comes to safeguarding your vehicle's exterior. Here's why investing in a custom car cover is essential:

  • Tailor-Made Fit: Unlike readymade covers, custom covers don't leave any gaps or loose areas that might allow dust, debris, or moisture to seep in.
  • Enhanced Security: It's much harder for potential intruders such as rodents or insects to gain access to your vehicle when it's hidden beneath a custom cover that fits perfectly.
  • Weather Resistance: Dealing with scorching sun, heavy rain, snow, or hail, a weatherproof car cover acts as a barrier, preventing damage caused by exposure to the elements.
  • UV Shield Protects Paint and Finish: By keeping your car covered, our highly UV-resistant covers prevent damage to the car’s paint and finish caused by UV rays, bird droppings, and even tree sap.
  • Push Clips & Elastic Hems: Stay worry-free in windy weather. The push clip closures and elastic hem secure the cover in place and your vehicle protected.
  • Reflective Stripes: Enhanced safety, day and night. Our premium car covers feature reflective bands for increased visibility in low-light, high-traffic areas, reducing the risk of collisions with your parked vehicle.
  • Double Stich & Welded Seams: Choose the perfect stitch for your needs. The premium double-stitched seams offer excellent durability and full coverage, while welded seams provide enhanced water protection.
  • Anti-Static: The anti-static covers help repel dust, dirt, and debris, keeping your car cleaner for longer periods. It prevents static discharge from interfering with the car's electrical systems while making covers less likely to cling due to static electricity.
  • Savings on Maintenance: Regularly using a car cover can reduce the frequency and cost of car washes and maintenance.
  • Customization Options: We offer different colors and two premium fabrics to choose from. This allows you to not only protect your vehicle but also express your personal style.
  • Long-Term Investment: The covers crafted from tear and abrasion-resistant fabrics extend the lifespan of your car's exterior and reduce the need for costly touch-ups. Plus, they stay durable for a long time.

Waterproof Car Covers with Unbeatable Weather Protection

Experience the pinnacle of weather protection with our best outdoor car covers. These custom-made covers for cars are designed to fit your vehicle like a second skin, leaving no room for the elements to intrude. Rain, snow, sleet, or harsh sunlight – our all-weather car covers are up to the challenge.

We offer two weatherproof fabrics suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our water-resistant yet breathable fabrics are UV-resistant and anti-static. These resilient covers with soft inner surfaces can withstand heavy rain, snow, and dust while protecting your car’s surface from potential scratches. Moreover, they help prevent corrosion on exposed paint and fading or blotching of polish.

Duro Pro vs. Duro Luxe: Which One Suits You Best?

While our non-woven Duro Pro fabric with 160 GSM thickness has been a popular fabric choice for a long time, you can go for Duro Luxe fabric for high performance. This super resilient 240 GSM thick fabric is made of premium polyester for exceptional durability. With high breathability, double premium stitching, and a lifetime warranty, this fabric helps elevate your car care routine and offers complete weather protection like never before.

Material ComparisionDuro Pro Car CoverDuro Luxe Car Cover
MaterialNon-woven fabric for reliable protectionPremium polyester for a touch of luxury
GSM WeightA sturdy 160 GSM for balanced durabilityA robust 240 GSM for extra strength
UV ResistanceOffers medium UV protectionOffers extreme UV protection
Tear ResistanceProvides moderate tear resistanceBoasts extreme tear resistance
Abrasion ResistanceHandles abrasion moderatelyWithstands abrasion exceptionally
Water ResistanceOffers decent water resistanceProvides extreme water resistance
BreathabilityProvides moderate breathabilityand High breathability for moisture control
Seam ConstructionWelded seams for added strengthDouble premium stitch for durability
Inner SurfaceSoft and comfortable on your vehicleSuper soft, pampering your vehicle
Elastic HemEnsures a snug fit in all conditionsEnsures a secure, custom-fit
Mirror PocketsIncludes convenient mirror pocketsConvenient mirror pockets included
Storage BagComes with a free storage bagComes with a free storage bag
WarrantyBacked by a solid 10-year WarrantyBacked by a lifetime guarantee
Dual Color Option-Available: Choose from a range of stylish colors

Custom Fit Outdoor Car Covers – A Cut Above the Rest!

We offer a wide range of car covers designed to cater to your every need. From a large car cover to a small car cover, and a classic car cover to something unique and custom, we've got you covered – literally!

  • Made-to-Measure: Our made-to-measure automobile covers fit flawlessly- guaranteeing snug fit, complete coverage and protection, every time you use them. To order custom-fitted car covers just select the model, year, manufacturer, and body type of your car and get doorstep delivery.
  • Best Price Guaranteed: At Covers & All, your satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in our best price guarantee, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.
  • Free Storage Bag: Our made-to-user covers are designed to be lightweight, so they are foldable for compact packing. We offer a free storage bag to stow the cover until the next use.
  • 24/7 Support: We're committed to providing you with a quick response and support around the clock. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, whether through a call or chat, 24/7.
  • Free Shipping: We offer free shipping on orders totaling $99 and above.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Unbeatable quality and durability assured with car cover with up to 10 years to a lifetime warranty. Your satisfaction is guaranteed for life!
  • Easy Returns: Shop with confidence – our 'no questions asked' return policy guarantees your satisfaction. Our rigorous quality assurance ensures perfection, but if any issues arise, returns are hassle-free and cost-free.

Here's What Our Customers Say About Us

Being the market leader in customized covers, we at Covers & All believe in providing exemplary services to our clients and take pride in bringing an ear-to-ear smile to their faces with our quality products. Here’s what our happy customers have to say about us:

# “The tear-resistant fabric is a valuable investment for protecting my car from potential damages.!” - Juliette B

# “Great quality Fits perfectly” - Ronaldo L.

# “I opted for the stretchable fabric, and it makes covering my car quick and hassle-free! - Frede P

# "The welded seams have provided reliable water resistance, keeping my car protected during rainstorms” - Wojciech B.

Custom Car Covers FAQs:

1. How tight should a car cover fit?

Ans: It is recommended to perform a quick pull test to check the car cover’s fit. Don’t tighten the cover while placing to know the exact fit.

2. What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor car cover?

Ans: Outdoor car covers tend to be heavier and more rugged than indoor ones. Furthermore, they are designed to be waterproof and UV resistant, sturdy enough to combat all weather conditions.

3. What is a breathable car cover?

Ans: Breathable car covers allow trapped moisture to evaporate quickly through the cover, shortening the amount of time your vehicle is wet. This prevents paint damage and rust formation on your vehicle.

4. Are these custom car covers waterproof?

Ans: Certainly, our car covers are water-resistant. They prevent moisture from coming in contact with your car and protect it against rust, corrosion and water damage.

5. Are car covers good for the winter?

Ans: Indeed! Regardless of what car’s model you drive, our outdoor car covers can protect it from snow, sleet, hail, and even freezing temperatures.

6. Is PVC car cover waterproof?

Ans: Yes, our Duro Luxe car cover is made with premium polyester, which is perfectly waterproof

7. Is it better to cover a car or leave it uncovered?

Ans: It is generally better to cover a car when not in use to protect it from the elements and environmental factors.

8. Do your outdoor car covers help with hail?

Ans: You can check our premium car cover to protect your vehicle from small hail and snowfall.

From Cars to Caravans, we have covers for Anything and Everything!

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