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Buy Covers & All Weatherproof Car Covers & Ensure your Car’s Premium Appeal

Need a convenient solution for the foolproof security of your car? Buy Covers & All Custom Car Covers for indoor and outdoor parking areas. The weatherproof car covers custom-made as per the make and model of your car provide the utmost coverage and ward off the detrimental effects of weather, outdoor elements, discoloration, fading, uncertain scratches and more. So, buy our car covers and save your cars from such impairments.

If looking for the best outdoor car covers for snow, best classic car cover, custom car dash covers, best indoor car covers, custom race covers, breathable car covers, or any other automobile covers, look no further and explore our custom car covers category and buy custom fit outdoor car covers online at the best prices.

Waterproof Car Covers for Outdoors

Outdoor car covers are an important accessory for your car when parked in open or driveways. Their weatherproof fabric makes them a popular choice as they can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. Made of heavy-duty Duro Pro fabric, car covers for all weather are designed to be waterproof, UV-resistant, and anti-static. They withstand heavy downpours, snow, dust, and scratches. Further, prevent the exposed chipped paint from corrosion, and its polish from fading or blotching.

Resilient Indoor Car Covers

Soft and stretchable, our Duro Max car cover is perfect for indoor usage. It protects your car from dust, debris, ugly patches, and stains while retaining its polished and glossy sheen. These car covers for sun and heat shade the car from intense sun rays and protect it from scratches and abrasions. Ideal for shaded and semi-shaded areas, it is convenient to store. The stretchable fabric offers a snug fit and stays wrinkle-free every time you use them.

Weatherproof Covers Ensure Complete Protection

At Covers & All, we ensure fail-safe protection of your car. Therefore, designed car covers to offer maximum protection from:

  • Rainwater & snow
  • UV rays
  • Dirt, dust & falling debris
  • Bird & tree droppings
  • Rodents or insects
  • Storms & wind damage
  • Static charge
  • Scratches
  • And much more!

Custom-Made Car Covers Offer Guaranteed Fit

In the market full of universal canvas car covers, Covers & All provide custom-made covers that offer guaranteed fit. From limos to sports cars and sedans to hatchbacks, every car model is structured and designed differently. Customized according to the exact dimensions, make & model of your car, the snug-fitted covers hug the silhouette of your car and protect it from any exposed elements. Providing a precise fit, the customized car covers sheath your car from every angle and stay in place without sliding.

To order custom fit car covers just select the model, year, manufacturer and body type of your car and get doorstep delivery.

Stretchable Car Covers Equipped with Push Clips & Elastic

Highly practical and handy, these car covers come equipped with sturdy elastic on the front and rear sides. They also feature a drawstrap with a push clip to cinch the cover in position and secure it in place even in windy weather. Furthermore, these tie-downs aid in the convenient placement and removal of the cover.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant Automobile Covers for Durability

Ingeniously crafted from tear and abrasion-resistant fabric, the heavy-duty outdoor car covers stay good ways away from tears, scuffs, scratches, slitting and cut. Despite regular usage and unexpected weather woes, the robust fabric remains spotless and as good as new season-round.

Durable Car Covers Feature Welded Seams

To enhance the durability and weatherability of the car covers, we use ultrasonic technology to weld the covers’ edges and hermetically seal them. So, no water can leak through the seams and offer complete water protection. Further, it creates consistent and permanent seams, giving an immaculate finish.

Tailored Car Covers Available with a Whopping Warranty

As customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, we swear by the premium quality of our car covers. Their durability is backed by a whopping warranty of 5 to 10 years. So, shop for the best bespoke car covers and ensure your car’s safety.

Why Covers & All Premium Car Covers are a Popular Choice?

Covers & All premium car covers are a popular choice:

  • Customizable according to size, model, body type & manufacturer of car.
  • Tailor-made fit
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor usage
  • Waterproof & UV-Resistant
  • Restrain fading & discoloration
  • Deter paint chipping & blotching
  • Ward off snow & rain
  • Prevent dust & debris accumulation
  • Keep birds & rodents away
  • Protect from storms & wind damage
  • Lightweight, easy to port
  • Wrinkle-resistant with a flawless finish
  • Stretchable & Soft fabric
  • Breathable & anti-static
  • Offer 5 & 10 years of warranty
  • Elastic tie-down & drawstrap for added security

Here's What our Customers Say About Us

Being the market leader in customized covers, we at Covers & All believe in providing exemplary services to our clients and take pride in bringing an ear-to-ear smile to their faces with our quality products. Here’s what our happy customers have to say about us:

“We ordered three custom chair covers which fit perfectly. The quality and workmanship exceed any covers we have owned. You will not be disappointed!” - Eugene F

“Great quality Fits perfectly” - Ronaldo L.

“Ordered a custom cover for our wood outdoor furniture. It fits great and looks great! Couldn’t be happier. Keeps the snow off perfectly! - Anna C

Had a hard time finding a cover to fit my fire pit. And i saw this company. It was made like a pool cover. Love it!!!!” - Marie Z.

Custom Car Covers FAQs:

1. How tight should a car cover fit?

Ans: It is recommended to perform a quick pull test to check the car cover’s fit. Don’t tighten the cover while placing to know the exact fit.

2. What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor car cover?

Ans: Outdoor car covers tend to be heavier and more rugged than indoor ones. Furthermore, they are designed to be waterproof and UV resistant, sturdy enough to combat all-weather conditions.

3. What is a breathable car cover?

Ans: Breathable car covers allow trapped moisture to evaporate quickly through the cover, shortening the amount of time your vehicle is wet. This prevents paint damage and rust formation on your vehicle.

4. Are these custom car covers waterproof?

Ans: Certainly, our car covers are water-resistant. They prevent moisture from coming in contact with your car and protect it against rust, corrosion and water damage.

5. Are car covers good for the winter?

Ans: Indeed! Regardless of what car’s model you drive, our outdoor car covers can protect it from snow, sleet, hail, and even freezing temperatures.

From Cars to Caravans, we have covers for Anything and Everything!

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