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Buy Resilient Custom Tarps and Curtains for Both Industrial & Personal Needs

It’s hard to protect a U-shaped couch against dust, debris, and harsh weather elements. The simple solution to this problem is to sheath it using custom U Shaped Sectional Couch Covers from Covers & All. This category of covers includes u-shaped sofa covers in three designs - Design 1, Design 2, and Design 3. You can select the one that best matches your sofa. The covers are made of durable polyester and come in three fabric options - Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. They can be customized in your desired sizes and can be printed with your favorite quote or logo.

The custom made tarps are made to fulfill all your needs with myriad fabric choices, tie-down options, color options, and personalization. The range of products under the category are outdoor vinyl curtains, heavy duty custom tarps- square/rectangle, custom clear vinyl tarps, custom mesh tarps- rectangle/square, curtain with clear vinyl panel, clear vinyl curtains, canvas tarps, hay tarps, and many more.

Best Deals for Weatherproof Custom Tarps in Tailor-Made Sizes

Custom-Sizes: We make these tarps and curtains in your required sizes. This ensures that they fit perfectly into your space without any possibility of leak or intrusion, especially from the edges. Just submit your needed dimensions, and we take care of the rest.

Personalization: This feature allows you to get these tarps with a printed logo or text. This way you can modify the look of your outdoors, or promote your business with your brand name or logo.

UV-Resistant: Faded tarps or curtains not only make the space look dull, but are also detrimental to your business. However, our UV-resistant tarps maintain their color and shine just as new, for a long time.

Tear-Resistant: Most of our tarps and outdoor curtains can be conveniently used for industrial, commercial, or personal spaces, as they do not tear or abrade easily. So, feel free to use them near machines, sharp objects, or in high-speed winds.

Waterproof: Be it products in transit, outdoor furniture, or your patio area, water is a damaging element for all. Therefore, we use waterproof material to make our tarps and vinyl curtains more resilient against heavy downpours, snow, or sleet.

Mildew-Resistant: Some of our tarps feature mildew-resistant properties that prevent the growth of harmful fungi, even in damp and humid conditions.

Place Order for Our Customized Outdoor Curtains with Tie-Downs

Installing these huge tarps or curtains can be a tricky business. To ease up the process, we provide a variety of tie-down options with our products.

Tie-Downs Options: Most of our tarps and curtains are equipped with brass grommets. The rustproof tie-downs are used with ropes or bungee cords to securely install the tarps. The other options include D rings, Velcro, a 4’’ pocket at the bottom (for curtains only), and a weighted chain at the bottom (for curtains only).

Order Process: Placing an order for our heavy duty tarps is an effortless task with Covers & All. Our website is user-friendly and easy to comprehend, even for new-time users. Follow the steps to order your custom tarps:

  • Measure the area or truck that needs to be covered using our handy measuring guide. Then, put the sizes in the space provided on the website.
  • The next step is to select the fabric (if multiple fabrics are present).
  • To personalize the covers, checkmark the “Personalize with a LOGO or TEXT” box. This is optional.
  • Choose your desired grommets and other accessories options.
  • Increase the number of product units as required and head towards the cart.

Check out our best-selling products:

Outdoor Vinyl Curtains: Create a private space on your patio, or separate 2 working stations in your factory using these heavy-duty tarps.

Heavy Duty Custom Tarps- Square/Rectangle: With grommets throughout their periphery, these tarps are best suited to cover cargo in transit or storage.

Custom Clear Vinyl Tarps: Enjoy the scenic beauty of your garden using these clear vinyl tarps for your patio. They can also be used to cover your swimming pool, create a greenhouse, or prevent contamination in your facility.

Custom Mesh Tarps- Rectangle/Square: Available in two shapes, the mesh tarps provide commendable sun protection and are thus mostly used as solar shades for patios, jeeps, factories, and others.

So, why wait? Shop for the required tarp or curtain at Covers & All, today!

Tarps & Curtains FAQs:

1. What is a tarp?

Ans. A tarp, short for tarpaulin, is a piece of material that is commonly made of durable plastic or waterproof canvas. It is primarily used to protect exposed objects or areas from different types of weather conditions.

2. Why do people use tarps?

Ans. People use tarps for various reasons, but the most common ones are for shelter during camping or survival situations. A basic tarp shelter can keep you dry, help conserve heat, and provide a sense of comfort and safety.

3. Do tarp colors mean anything?

Ans. Tarp colors do not have a standard meaning across the industry, and there are no government regulations that dictate what different colors represent. However, different tarp colors tend to signify the same broad standards for most companies.

4. Do tarps get hot in the sun?

Ans. Yes, tarps can get hot in the sun. Silver and white tarps are great options for keeping heat out as they reflect most of the light and heat away.

5. Is tarp good for winter?

Ans. Tarps can be an excellent choice for providing protection from the cold ground, wind, rain, and snow during the winter months. They can create walls/barriers, additional tent shields, and ground cover with waterproof and durable materials like vinyl, poly, and canvas.

6. Can rain seep through the tarps?

If a tarp is exposed to heavy rain or is submerged in water, the material will eventually get wet, and moisture will seep through.

7. How far should curtains extend past the window?

Ans. Curtains should extend 8 to 12 inches past the window's width, allowing for 4 to 6 inches on either side. Choosing a curtain rod that is wider than the window will make the space feel larger, and curtains can be pulled completely to the side of the window.

8. Is it better to have curtains too long or too short?

Ans. It is better to have curtains that are custom-made to fit your requirements perfectly, whether they are too long or too short.

9. Do tarps protect against heat?

Ans. While tarps do not produce heat, insulated tarps can protect against materials getting too warm. Insulated tarps have a layer of insulation between layers of tarp and protect against cold temperatures.

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