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Swimming is a timeless joy that beckons us with its refreshing allure. But when the aquatic festivities pause, your pool, a serene oasis, deserves to be shielded from the elements. Covers & All brings to you a range of exquisite custom pool covers for different shapes and sizes of pools – from the classical Grecian to the chic L-shape, and the elegant rectangular, to the playful oval and round.

With an impressive 85% to 90% shade, these UV-resistant swimming pool covers withstand the relentless sun's rays and are the perfect companions for all seasons. They keep your skin and eyes safe while using the pool. Plus, they help maintain the temperature in the summers and winters. Available in two knitted fabric variants: Cover Lite and Cover Elite, these inground pool covers keep your pool clean and protected from unwanted dust, debris and other elements. You also get a storage bag and accessories at no additional cost.

We know that your pool is as unique as your style. That's why we offer customization options, ensuring your pool cover for inground pool fits your pool's contours like a second skin. Whether its size, fabric, shape, steps or deck type, you can get a winter pool cover that redefines elegance and functionality. Check out our range of swimming pool covers such as custom Grecian pool covers, custom L shape pool covers, custom rectangular pool covers, custom oval pool covers, custom round pool covers and more. With every purchase, you'll receive a handy storage bag and a set of essential accessories, all at no additional cost.

Covered in Style: Inground Pool Covers to Elevate your Space

Have a unique pool to cover off season? Buy Covers & All custom swimming pool covers in made-to-measure size to cover your pool and elevate your backyard. The outdoor pool covers help protect your pool from dust and grime and keep it pristine for the next use.

Custom-fit: No matter how uniquely your pool is designed, we have a custom pool cover designed to fit its distinct shape and size. Whether it’s Gracian, L shape or round, you can input the edge-to-edge measurements in the measurement box and get a tailor-made cover offering optimum coverage and protection. Besides, you can also customize the safety pool cover according to the steps – no steps, center steps or left/right steps.

Breathable Cover Lite Fabric: The 400 D breathable knitted Cover Lite fabric is ideal for all weather conditions. It provides 85% shade and high UV resistance – necessary for protecting the pool water from degrading or discoloration. The knitted fabric is resistant to tears and abrasions.

Knitted Cover Elite Fabric: The 340 GSM, HDPE knitted fabric is perfect for all weather conditions. It offers 90% shade and high UV resistance. This 100% recyclable material is entirely free from lead and phthalate. This sustainable fabric aligns with your health and environment too.

UV Safety: From promoting algal growth in the pool water to causing chemical imbalance, UV radiation hampers the pool water quality and clarity. Our swimming pool winter covers block up to 85 to 90% UV radiation and help maintain water quality, temperature and reduce maintenance efforts. Thus, ultimately prolongs your pool’s longevity and enhances your swimming experience.

Lightweight & Portable: Weighing between 5 oz to 10 oz, our covers offer the perfect balance of durability and manageability to keep your pool safe and well-maintained. Their lightweight construction ensures ease of handling and installation while still providing effective protection for your pool.

Free Storage Bag: As an added convenience, our pool covers for sale come with a complimentary storage bag. This practical accessory ensures that your pool cover for summer can be neatly and compactly stored when not in use. It's just one more way we aim to make pool maintenance as hassle-free as possible for our valued customers.

Aesthetic Appeal: Our custom inground pool covers not only offer practical benefits like cleanliness, safety, and energy efficiency but can also enhance the overall visual appeal of your pool area. With their reinforced edges and attractive design, they contribute to a more attractive and inviting outdoor space. They are available in multiple colors for your easy selection.

Warranty Coverage: All our pool covers are secured under up to 2 to 5 years of warranty. Check out our Hot Tub Covers for similar coverage.

Complementary Accessories with Winter Pool Covers for Easy Installation

Our swimming pool winter covers are designed for ease of installation. We offer a range of accessories to make the process even more convenient. From brass anchors and springs for secure fastening to buckles, hex key, tamping tools, and installation rods, these optional accessories are available to help you install pool covers with ease and precision.

Similar to our convenient installation, our order process is hassle-free too. You just need to input the required dimensions, select fabric, choose the deck type and place the order! It’s super easy.

Don't miss out on our pool covers for sale and chaise lounge covers for ultimate pool side fun. Shop now to get doorstep delivery!

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