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Swimming is a recreational activity that attracts people instantly. Summer season becomes extra fun by the poolside especially if the weather supports year-round swimming. When not in use, the pool may be susceptible to dirt and dust. Cover your pools to protect them from harsh UV rays and any dust accumulation. Our splendid custom swimming pool covers are made of Cover Lite fabric which is 400 denier breathable knitted fabric. Featuring 85% UV blockage, the inground pool covers are suitable for all weather conditions. The lightweight covers weigh about 5 oz and are offered in different types of pool shapes such as Grecian, L-shape, rectangular, oval, and round.

Get Inground Pool Covers in Custom Sizes

Designed to withstand tears and abrasions, the covers are resilient and long-lasting. To further fortify protection from the outdoor elements, our outdoor pool covers are available in custom sizes. As a pool owner, you may have designed your pool uniquely as per your structural requirement. This is why we offer the option to customize the size of the pool covers for odd shaped pools as per your needs. You can take the help of our measuring guide to take dimensions for your pool and get the customized product delivered to your doorstep. These custom safety pool covers come with warranty coverage of up to 2 years that covers damage subject to terms and conditions.

Additional Installation Accessories Available with Safety Pool Covers

At Covers & All, we believe in simplifying processes. Considering this, we offer tie-downs and accessories. The pool covers for inground pools are equipped with brass grommets for added strength and easy fastening. For installation of the cover, you can purchase additional accessories at a nominal cost. These optional accessories include a brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminum tamping tool, and installation rod. Brass anchors can be attached to the periphery of the swimming pool with stainless steel spring for proper tensioning. The buckle, wrench, tamping tool, and rod also help in installing the custom made pool covers perfectly onto your pool. Add these accessories to your cart before you place the order.

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