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All Weather Friendly Custom Oval Pool Covers

Swimming pools redefine luxury, they become a focal point of your backyard. An uncommon oval shape pool will instantly attract attention and offer plenty of room for lap swimming. When left unused for long duration, the pools may be susceptible to damage by the weather or accumulate dust and dirt. For winterizing your pool, we recommend using custom oval pool covers. Made of 400 denier Cover Lite material, the covers comprise a breathable knitted fabric. It provides 85% UV blockage that prevents water evaporation. The 5 oz lightweight pool covers for inground pools are easy to put on and remove from the pool. Suitable for all weather conditions, the cover keeps dust, debris, and dirt away from your pool. The covers are available for different step styles such as no step style pool, center steps, and left or right steps.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant Swimming Pool Covers

Our oval swimming pool covers are designed to withstand tears and abrasions. This ability to resist damage from rubbing and chafing makes the cover incredibly durable. Moreover, the covers can be customized for a perfect fit that will shield your pool completely and give enhanced protection from the elements. Take the help of our measuring guide for finalizing the dimensions required for your custom swimming pool cover. Then proceed to input the values in our measuring tool. This water-friendly customized cover will not only protect your pool from the elements but also allow water permeation. This means that the water will not collect on the cover and create undulations. It will also help prevent accidental drowning of your children and pets as they would not fall in a covered pool.

Get Warranty & Optional Accessories for Installation with Oval Pool Covers

The pool covers for inground pools can be easily installed by using our optional accessories. Equipped with brass grommets, the covers come with accessories available at an additional cost that can directly be purchased from our website. These accessories include a brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminum tamping tool, and installation rod. You can attach the brass anchor to the periphery of the cover along with springs for creating proper tensioning for installation. All other accessories are essential for keeping your pool covered firmly. These oval swimming pool covers are backed by a warranty of 2 years. This means that cover will remain undamaged for the stipulated time subject to terms and conditions.

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