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Shop UV-Resistant Solar Shades to Prevent Heat Burns

Our Solar Shades are the smart and sustainable solution to prevent sun burns. Easy to install and conserve energy, the shades enhance the comfort of people by lowering the temperature instantly. They can be customized in size to suit your personal requirements. Some of these shades are designed for indoors while others serve the purpose of protection in the outdoors.

The solar shades for patio are made from different variants of polyester. They are designed to serve a specific purpose so you should choose the fabric according to your local climatic conditions.

Our bestselling products include custom skylight covers, custom sun shade sail in rectangular/square/triangular shape, pergola covers in different designs, clear roller shades, waterproof sun shade sails, premium outdoor roller shades, etc.

Buy Tear & Abrasion-Resistant Solar Shades for Patio to Prevent Scratches & Frays

The primary purpose of our solar shades is to prevent the glaring sun from causing skin or furniture damage. However, they are made from sturdy materials that resists tears and abrasions. A bird may accidentally cause rips in a sun shade sail that may allow sunlight directly. To prevent such mishap, use our tear and abrasion-resistant material.

Polyester Material for Moderate Weather: The different types of shades are designed with different fabrics. They all consist of polyester and ensure privacy as well as protection from the glaring sun. This lowers the temperature within or underneath the shade without depending on electrical appliances.

Customize the Size: The custom solar shades come with an option of altering the size to fit your space perfectly. If you are looking for a pergola cover, then make sure to use our measuring guide for helping you take dimensions for it. Input the customized sizes in our measurement box and we’ll deliver the product in the dimensions requested.

Waterproof Material: Some of our exterior solar shades are constructed from waterproof material that prevent water from permeating the surface. This prevents deterioration of the covers through moisture seepage. The outdoor solar shades inherent with waterproofing qualities ensure the area underneath stays dry.

UV Protection: Excessive sunlight can be harmful to your skin and lead to discoloration of your furniture and home accessories. You can install solar shades for sliding doors to block the UV radiation from causing harm. Outdoor solar shades are generally used for protecting guests in the swimming pool area, open markets, restaurants, etc.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistance: The solar shades for blocking heat are tear and abrasion resistant ensuring their pristine condition at all times. What if the shades were to come in contact with a sharp object like a knife or a bird beak? The shades prevent being ripped, punctured, or inheriting frays due to such implications.

Lift Options: The solar shades for windows come with lift options like white nylon bead chain or metal chain-chrome finish. These options allow you manipulate the shade as per your requirement for sun exposure through your windows.

Custom Patio Sun Shades are Available in Attractive Colors & Patterns

The solar shades for patio area are perfect for shielding yourself from the glaring sun. You can get clear roller shades or opt for solid colors like red, blue, black, brown, beige, etc. These neutral shades blend seamlessly with any setting and bring out an aesthetical aspect for the outdoor area.

You can also choose patterns in vibrant prints. They are available in shade print fabric option for sun shade sail. Invest in our sturdy solar shades to lower the temperature sustainably and let the joy of your guests evaluate your investment.

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