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Shop for Grill & Heating Covers to Protect Your Outdoor Appliance

The smoky smell emanating from your grill is a cherished memory. Your outdoor grill has cooked countless family meals but remains exposed to outdoor elements. Our Grill & Heating Covers are available in custom sizes that shield your grill from dirt, dust, debris, rain, intense sunlight, etc.

The grill covers feature personalization that allows you to add a logo or text it. There are several tie-downs available for secure closure of the grill covers. Aside from all of this, we offer warranty coverage spanning from 2 to 5 years on our covers as an added assurance.

Buy UV- Resistant & Waterproof Grill & Heating Covers to Prevent Rusting

The tailor-made grill covers are designed according to your preferred dimensions. The polyester-made fabric is water-repellent and UV-resistant ensuring protection from both moisture and heat. The details of the fabric are given below for your perusal:

Tailor-Made Covers: A standard-size grill & BBQ cover may not be appropriate for you, this is why we offer you tailor-made covers. Measuring the heating covers is vital to finding the right size for you. Use our How to measure guide to take down the dimensions and enter the values in our measuring tool for a customized product.

Waterproof & Water-Repellent: Exposed to rain, snow, and sleet, the custom grill covers are susceptible to damage from these elements. Waterproof fabric will prohibit the permeation of moisture while water-repellent may block a certain amount of water from seeping through the surface. Water pooling on the covers may lead to seepage and damage the cover. 

UV Protection: The intense sunlight can cause discoloration of the outdoor grill covers as the UV radiation directly affects the color. The appliance may also heat up outside, by keeping them covered you ensure that electrical components are not affected by remaining exposed to the sun.

Tear & Abrasion Resistance: The heavy-duty grill covers are resistant to tears and abrasions. Scratches and scruffs may damage the fabric weave which can lead to the deterioration of the fire pit covers. Protect them using our custom-made covers.

Mildew Resistant: The covers allow moisture to evaporate quickly preventing the growth of mold and algae. This can result in a foul odor and also damage the fabric of the covers.

Personalization: The Grill & Heating Covers feature a unique option to imprint a logo or text on them. Choose the font style and the text color to personalize it according to your home aesthetics.

Airbags for Absolute Water Protection: Sometimes, water may pool on the surface of the cover. This may lead to seepage that can damage the components of your appliance. Use the optional air bags to elevate the sunken points and slide off the moisture from the covers.

Order our Brilliantly Crafted Grill Covers Quickly & Easily

The well-made functional custom grill covers can be ordered easily and quickly from our website. Choose the fabric, input the customized dimensions, add personalization and tie-downs (if required), choose the color, and place your order.

  • drawstring
  • elastic at the bottom
  • push clips
  • elastic at the bottom with push clips
  • split zipper

The grommets and tie-downs securely fasten the cover on your appliance and keep them shielded even during windy days. You no longer have to go looking for your cover in your neighbor’s place.

Order these functional and aesthetically appealing covers securely from our website for doorstep delivery.

Grill & Heating Covers FAQs:

1. What would be the best material for a grill cover?

Ans. Most grill covers are manufactured using either waterproof PVC-lined polyester (e.g., 600-denier polyester) or waterproof vinyl-lined cotton canvas. These materials are the best for an outdoor appliance such as a grill, as they offer all-weather protection.

2. What color is best for a grill cover?

Ans. The popular color for grill covers is black. However, a neutral tan is one of the best-looking color options available, as it complements almost any decor.

3. What maintenance does a grill cover need?

Ans. Just remember to give your grill a good wipe, and cover it when necessary

4. What are the different types of grill covers?

Ans. There are three primary categories of materials used in making modern grill covers: polyester, vinyl, and canvas. All these fabrics are available for different weather needs. You can choose as per your weather requirements.

5. Should fire pits be covered?

Ans. Yes, it is essential to cover any fire pit with a protective cover. After the fire pit has cooled down, a protective cover should be used to protect it from rain, sunlight, and other elements. This will help to extend the life of your fire pit by preventing rust and discoloration.

6. Is it necessary to cover a chiminea?

Ans. Yes, it is crucial to cover a chiminea with a waterproof cover, especially during wet weather. This is because chiminea tends to absorb the moisture from the rain and may turn to steam and cause cracking in the clay when heated.

7. What are the ways to prevent the rusting of an outdoor smoker?

Ans. The best way to prevent rusting is by covering your outdoor smoker. When left outdoors without any protective cover, the smoker or grill will be exposed to the elements, which can cause rusting.

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