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Coversandall HayTarp01 HayTarp01 Shop for waterproof Custom Hay Tarps that help your hay bales from falling apart, making them easier to transport and store. Enjoy Free shipping above $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/u/custom_poly_tarp_first_image-blue_copy_1.jpg
  • Tarps protect hay bales from weather damage and bacterial growth.
  • Heavy-duty covers are available in custom sizes and multiple colors.
  • Our waterproof, UV & tear-resistant tarp fabric tackles harsh weather conditions.
  • Helps your hay bales from falling apart, making them easier to transport and store.

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Custom Hay Bale Tarps- The Ultimate Protective Covering to Keep Your Hay Bale Undamaged

Creating hay stacks and straw bales can take hours of your time and effort. Keeping them unprotected not only makes your hay subject to several weather elements but can also cause it to fall apart at the time of transportation & storage. A simple solution to overcome weathering and exposure is by keeping it well covered. As always, we are here to help you overcome all your covering challenges with our high-strength hay bale tarps. Our heavy-duty hay cover ensures your hay remains protected against the harshest of conditions, including sun exposure, water, snow, bacterial growth, and more. We take pride in manufacturing the highest quality weather-resistant tarps to help overcome your different agricultural challenges. We ensure this by using high-strength, waterproof, UV & tear-resistant fabric for our hay tarp construction. Our durable tarp features a 700D, 3-ply reinforced tarp material that is highly resistant. It comes with a choice of grommet/ring options to meet your unique webbing needs to perfection. The grommets help in easy anchoring of tie-downs, ensuring a secure fit of the tarp over the hay bale stack. The quality tarp material, made-to-measure size, and custom-built grommet design of the hay tarps allow absolute coverage, protection, and air circulation. Hence, ensuring the bales stay mold-free, bacteria-free, dry, and UV protected all at once. To meet your unique needs, your hay cover is made-to-measure based on your size requirements. Our expertise in manufacturing tailor-made tarps & covers in the exact size and shape as demanded makes us one of the preferred choices for all kinds of outdoor covering needs.

Ensure Zero Water Leakage Through The Hay Tarp Seams With Airbags

Keeping airbags under your hay tarps guarantees 100% water protection, no matter how heavy the rain. Even though our waterproof hay tarp fabric restricts water leakage completely, there are chances of water puddling on the seams. To prevent this, we recommend adding airbags along with your heavy-duty tarps. When kept under the tarp, airbags create a tent and allow the water to drain off smoothly. It automatically prevents the water from standing or puddling at the seams or corners, ensuring the haystack underneath stays protected from any potential water leakage.

Measuring & Ordering Instructions For Hay Tarp Cover

  1. Measure - Use our measuring guide to submit your exact dimensions.
  2. Choose - Choose from fabric colors and grommet options.
  3. Personalize - Upload an image or text to personalize your covers (optional). 
  4. Order - Place your order.

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