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Buy Specialized Tarps in Waterproof Fabric for Weather Protection

Need a Specialized Tarp for your hay bale? Or want to buy a concrete blanket or an insulated tarp to sheath your construction projects? We at Covers & All have got you back! We offer three specialty tarps - Hay Tarps, Concrete Blankets, and Custom Insulated Tarps to carry out industrial work that an ordinary tarp cannot do. Designed to protect from harsh weather conditions, these tarps are highly durable and long-lasting.

The UV and waterproof specialty tarps keep your stuff safe and protected from heavy rainfall, low to moderate UV rays, snow, dust, and debris. Their mildew-resistant properties forbid any bacterial growth formation. Available to customize, the tarps are made to fit your preferred location. They are armed with robust grommets for making your installation process a breeze.

Shop Custom Specialty Tarps in Waterproof Fabric

Custom-Fitting: Tailor-made with precision, our heavy-duty tarps offer a snug fit and a sleek finish. This way you can cover any of your projects no matter what size, our tarps fit like a glove.

Mildew Resistant: With an excellent ability to obstruct mold, mildew, or any other bacterial formation, our mildew-resistant tarps are highly reliable.

Waterproof: Made to thrive even in downpours, dust, debris, snowstorm, etc., our specialized tarps will keep everything well-guarded for a longer lifespan.

UV-Resistant: Designed with UV-resistant fabric, our heavy duty tarps are highly resilient to mild to moderate UV rays.

Warranty Coverage: We offer warranty coverage for up to 1 year on these specialized tarps.

Application: These custom specialty tarps serve myriad applications. From using them to cover truck load to sheathing your industrial projects, concrete curing, as a garden bed, these multi-faceted tarps are a worthy investment.

Fabric for Moderate & Extreme Weather: The tarps feature HDPE and HDPE woven laminated materials that make them highly durable and perfect for inclement weather conditions.

Order These Best Selling Specialty Tarps in a Few Steps

Grommets/Velcro/D-Rings: The tarps are crafted in a way that is easy to hang, install or remove. They are available with various options such as grommets, Velcro, and D-rings for your convenience. The grommets come pre-spaced at approximately 6”/12”/18” and 24” and are also available in all four corners. D-rings are available at approximately 12”/24” and a 2-inch black loop Velcro around the perimeter.

Webbing: A 1.5-inch reinforced webbing sewn around the perimeter is also available. They strengthen the tarp with durability, making them functional and enduring. Plus, they look sleek and elegant.

Colors: The tarps are available in two colors – blue and black for your selection.

Order Process: Now placing orders for these waterproof specialty tarps is hassle-free and easy with our user-friendly website. Follow these steps to share your requirements and we will create tailor-made heavy-duty tarps exclusively for you.

  • Input the exact measurements you require.
  • Choose the grommets/Velcro/D-rings/Webbing (if required).
  • Place your order. That’s it!

To protect your hay stacks and straw bales, our hay tarp is the perfect option. If you need insulation and allow curing to occur, use our concrete blanket. For temperature-sensitive jobs, we offer custom-insulated jobs.

Looking for some offers/discounts? Check out specialty tarps for sale on our website of your choice in custom sizes. So, what are you waiting for? Order Specialized Tarps now!

Frequently Ask Question's for Specialty Tarps:

1. What is the recommended thickness for a hay tarp?

Ans. A plastic sheet hay tarp should be at least 6 mils thick. While vinyl and polyethylene tarps are more expensive, they are reusable and easier to secure. Using polyethylene tarps also helps reduce condensation under the tarp by allowing moisture to move out of the hay. Cheap tarps with eyelets for rope attachment will not last long.

2. How effective are concrete blankets?

A. Concrete blankets keep the material warm during curing and are very effective, even when the temperature drops. Since the setting process occurs so quickly, you'll usually only need to rent one out for a couple of days.

3. Can I return the tarp I purchased?

Ans. You can return a new/unopened product within 30 days of the order date. For more information, see our shipping policy.

4. Are tarps good for windy conditions? How should I secure my tarps?

Ans. Yes, but we cannot guarantee if they can withstand high winds. For moderate winds, use bungee cords or ball bungees to allow flexibility and reduce stress on the tarp. These are available on our accessories page.

5. Do insulated tarps work?

Ans. Yes, they keep buildings warm in the winter and protect them from wind, rain, and snow. Insulated covers are an ideal option for improving insulation and weather protection.

6. How long should you leave concrete blankets on?

Ans. Leave them on until the concrete has stabilized at a constant optimal temperature, usually about 72 hours. Then, remove the thermal blankets and let the concrete air dry.

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