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Buy All-Weather Heavy-Duty Tarps to Protect Your Outdoor Belongings

Heavy-Duty Tarps make an excellent covering solution to keep your outdoor equipment/belongings protected from all weather conditions. The tarps are available in two categories - heavy-duty custom tarps square/rectangle and heavy-duty round-shaped tarps. If you have classic square and rectangle-shaped equipment or furniture, go for heavy-duty custom tarps square/rectangle. For a round table, or any other round-shaped furniture our round-shaped tarps will be the top pick. You can also explore standard size heavy-duty tarps on our website. Offering an aesthetic look, the tarps in three ergonomic shapes- round, rectangle, and square accentuate the entire décor.

The heavy-duty waterproof tarps are available in three premium fabrics – Tarp Max, Tarp Tuff, and Tarp Clear. They are made using a highly durable polyester fabric that protects your stuff from dust, debris, sun, water, etc. They can be customized as per your requirements and the measurements you share with us. Besides, they can be personalized with text or a logo of your choice. Being resistant to harsh UV rays, these heavy-duty white tarps easily stop the intense heat from entering and ruining your possessions. Offering an uber-convenient installation, rustproof grommets are available in many options.

Get Heavy-Duty Waterproof Tarps Made to Resist Tears & Abrasions

Custom-Sizes: The clear heavy-duty tarps can be tailor-made to the measurements of your choice. A perfectly tailored tarp offers full coverage and protection, leaving no space for outer elements. Send us the measurement of the equipment/asset you want to sheath, and we will design the bespoke tarps as per your requirements.

Personalization: Add a spark to your tarp with personalized text or a logo of your choice. A personalized tarp not only looks great but will benefit you with subtle marketing by promoting your brand name, logo, etc.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: The tarps are made using tear and abrasion-resistant fabric that does not get affected by daily wear and tear. Hence, protecting your valuables from getting damaged.

UV-Resistant: These tarps are highly protective in nature. They are designed to brave all harsh UV rays, so your stuff does not succumb to harmful rays, leading to damage. Our UV-resistant fabric ensures your asset remains in impeccable condition always.

Waterproof: The heavy-duty waterproof tarps protect from rain, snow, dust, debris, etc. Keeping your stuff in a clean and dry state, hence, adding more life to them.

Warranty Coverage: Warranty coverage provides a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. This is why we offer warranty coverage on each of our products. Tarp Max offers a warranty for up to 3 years; Tarp Clear offers a warranty for up to 1 year and Tarp Tuff provides a 5-year warranty.

Colors: An attractive color can take your décor game to a whole new level. Be it your outdoor asset that you want to sheath or just want to cover your truck, a bright-colored tarp will look great. If you are using it for your business purposes, you can have your tarp colored that resonates with the brand.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Tarps with Grommets are Easy to Order

Grommets: All our extra heavy-duty tarps are equipped with sturdy grommets for hassle-free installation and removal. These grommets are available in multiple options to suit your requirements and preferences. Spaced approximately 6”/12”/18” and 24”, these rustproof grommets do not corrode even on regular exposure to outdoor elements. There are also other options such as D-rings and black loop Velcro for your choice.

Order Process: Placing an order for these best selling tarps is quick and easy with our user-friendly website. Follow these simple steps to share your requirements and we will design the exact tarp tailor-made to your specifications.

  • Input the exact measurements you need for the tarp.
  • Choose the fabric of your choice/depending on the weather conditions.
  • Pick the most suitable color that complements your décor.
  • Personalize the tarp with text or a logo.
  • Choose the grommet/Drings/Velcro/Webbing (if required).
  • Place your order.

Frequently Ask Question's for Heavy Duty Tarps:

1. How thick should a heavy-duty tarp be? 

Ans. Look for a heavy-duty tarp that weighs at least 10 oz per square yard or is 23 mils thick (<23mil) to achieve the maximum tarp life possible. However, wind can eventually break down even the thickest and sturdiest tarp available.

2. What should I look for in a heavy-duty tarp? 

Ans. When choosing a heavy-duty tarp, look for a high mesh count and a heavy-duty thread shaft, as well as a thick poly coating. Additionally, the weight of the canvas should be heavy.

3. How long will a heavy-duty tarp last on a roof?

Ans. A heavy-duty tarp can last up to three years on a roof, but roofing contractors suggest not keeping it for more than three months to avoid further issues.

4. How many shapes are available for heavy-duty tarps?

Ans. Currently, we offer two shapes for heavy-duty tarps: rectangle, square and round.

5. What colors are available for tarps?

Ans. Our tarps are available in assorted colors including blue, black, brown, white, red, beige, gray, clear, etc.

6. What is the ideal material for heavy-duty tarps?

Ans. PVC tarps featuring polyvinyl, or vinyl are best for commercial use. This heavy-duty material is renowned for its strength and durability. It is waterproof due to the yellow vinyl coating and can withstand regular wear, tears, and abrasions due to its high-quality construction.

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