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Buy Abrasion & Mildew Resistant Mesh Tarps for Shade & Protection

A solid covering resists the wind while mesh tarps let the wind pass through the holes, the fabric’s integrity intact. Covers & All’s Mesh Tarps are made using breathable polyester fabric, so they allow some amount of air, sunlight, and moisture to pass through, preserving your stuff safe and protected. They provide good shade from the sun, so you can enjoy some privacy outdoors while having your favorite cup of beverage.

Offering ample coverage, the two options - custom mesh tarps- square/rectangle and round mesh tarps are highly versatile. They are available in classic square, rectangle, and round shapes for an easy selection. The heavy-duty mesh tarps can be customized to suit your sizing needs. Their mildew-resistant fabric is what makes them perfect for venting off moisture, keeping them dry and protected from the formation of mildew and other bacteria. Additionally, they are resistant to abrasions that save them from getting spoiled on regular usage. We equip the mesh tarps with grommets, D-rings, Velcro, and webbing options.

Buy Best Selling Tarps for Your Patio/Furniture

Custom-Fitting: A must-have feature for every product, the custom-fitting option gives you the liberty to choose the most preferred size of your choice. The bespoke covers sheath the equipment/space with optimum coverage leaving no room for external elements. From selecting the standard size mesh tarps to a unique size, the choice is endless.

Abrasion Resistant: Seeing the rugged outdoor usage, our tarps are built to thrive in tough conditions. Unlike other tarps, our robust outdoor mesh tarps don’t get abrase easily and perform their best for seasons on season.

Mildew Resistant: These large mesh tarps are designed to forbid bacterial growth, keeping your valuables safe from mold, mildew, and other bacteria.

UV-Resistant: Crafted to safeguard the possession safe from harsh UV rays or direct sunlight, the tarps help in filtering out excess heat. It allows only the required amount of sunlight that does not hamper the items covered. Keeping the area cool and shady, the tarps are perfect to use as shades.

Fabric: The use of 1000 Denier, 20 Mil thick, PVC-coated polyester, makes our mesh tarps highly durable and long-lasting. They weigh 6 oz which makes them highly portable and easy to install or remove without any extra hand.

Double Thickness Hems: Each tarp is crafted using double thick hems that is perfect for heavy-duty use. You can use them to cover the logs, truck bed, etc.

Warranty Coverage: No matter how great a product is, warranty coverage ensures that your product’s life is taken care of. This is why we offer warranty coverage for up to 2 years on our outdoor mesh tarps.

Colors: To maintain cohesion, we offer a classic mesh tarp color on both sides. The attractive hue seamlessly blends with any décor offering a chic and elegant appeal.

Easy-to-Order Mesh Tarps for Patio with Versatile Application

Grommets/Velcro/D-Rings: We equip our mesh tarps with grommets, black loop Velcro, D-rings, and webbing to reinforce the tarps with strength and longevity. They make the installation process convenient and hassle-free. Spaced approximately 6”/12”/18” and 24”, the grommets are also available in all four corners. You can also choose to equip your tarp with D-rings spaced at 12”/24”, or a 2” black loop Velcro around the perimeter.

Order Process: Ordering these mesh truck tarps is quick and easy with our user-friendly website. Follow these simple steps to share your requirements and we will design the bespoke large mesh tarps tailor-made to your preferences.

  • Input the exact dimensions you require.
  • Choose the grommets/Velcro/D-rings (if required).
  • Upload a reference image (optional).
  • Place your order. That’s it!

Looking for some discounts/festive offers? Check out our heavy duty mesh tarps for sale on our website and buy the best mesh tarps in custom sizes to safeguard your outdoor projects/equipments or even provide shade for your outdoor seating area. So, what are you waiting for? Order our best selling tarps now!

Custom Mesh Tarps FAQs:

1. What is the lifespan of mesh tarps?

Ans. With proper care, mesh tarps can last for several years. These tarps are available in various materials. They are designed to be breathable while blocking a certain amount of UV rays.

2. What is the purpose of a mesh tarp? 

Ans. Mesh tarps, also known as shade tarps. They are commonly used by landscapers and home and garden developers to create greenhouses, privacy screens, or to cover fences or objects. These tarps offer shade while safeguarding the outdoor area from windblown leaves or debris.

3. Can mesh tarps prevent rain?

Ans. The answer depends on the material construction. While water can pass through the fabric weave, mesh tarps can resist heavy rain and strong winds.

4. Are mesh tarps waterproof?

5. Mesh tarps are not waterproof. They are specifically crafted to facilitate breathability. If exposed to water or any other liquid substance, the mesh tarp should be stopped from being used, and our support team should be contacted.

5. Which color tarp lasts the longest?

Ans. Black tarps are the best option for extended outdoor exposure, as they are designed to withstand continuous exposure to outdoor elements.

6. What are the uses of mesh tarps?

Ans. Mesh tarps are made of 1/16" knitted debris netting and have reinforced hemmed edges and brass grommets. They are typically used to create a building enclosure during new construction, spray fireproofing, plastering, stucco, EIFS, drywall installation, and scaffolding applications.

7. Can wind pass through mesh tarps?

Ans. Yes, mesh tarps are designed to allow wind to pass through the holes in the material, making them ideal for use as covers in windy conditions. This helps to preserve the integrity of the fabric, unlike solid coverings, which may tear due to strong winds.

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