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Shop for Water-Repellent & Mildew-Resistant Canvas Tarps in Custom Sizes

Tarps essentially protect your belongings from wind, rain, dust, and dirt and facilitate a certain amount of shade. Our tailor-made Canvas Tarps are made from poly-cotton material that shields your expensive equipment and supplies from moisture, tears, abrasions, mildew, etc. At Covers & All, you have the flexibility to maneuver the size and add grommets. Modify the size of the waterproof canvas tarp for absolute protection from one end to another. The wax-treated tarps create a rigid barrier for moisture permeation and mildew growth. The tarps also protect from tears and abrasions increasing the shelf life of the tarps.

Buy Waterproof Canvas Tarps for Inclement Weather Protection

Our heavy-duty canvas tarps shield your valuables and supplies from surprise showers, mold, algae, scratches, scruffs, ruptures, etc. They come with an assurance of warranty and can withstand the test of time. Our canvas tarp material is made of 550 GSM, 28 mil thick, poly-cotton. This material is known for its durability and its low impact on the environment. Treated with wax, the tarps can withstand moisture damage and resist mildew growth. The heavy canvas tarp weighs approximately 16 oz and ensures protection from outdoor elements. Our 10x10 canvas tarps come with the flexibility for modifying the size according to your needs. Enter the values of the length, width, and thickness of the tarp required in our measuring tool for a customized product. A leeway of +/-1”-2” would be added to the length and width for easy maneuvering. The water-repellent custom canvas tarps put a barrier between the tarp and the water. Exposed to natural elements such as rain, snow, sleet, etc., the tarps are vulnerable to damage. However, our tarps facilitate a certain degree of moisture repulsion that keeps your belongings protected from dampness and damage. A wax-treated large canvas tarp ensures protection from mold and algae growth that releases a potentially foul odor. A damp and warm climate is the breeding ground for mildew growth. Our tarps avert this potential harm by slowing the growth or eliminating it. The material is exposed to outdoor weather conditions making it susceptible to damage by sharp objects and flying debris. Our tarps are resistant to tears and abrasions shielding them from such inflictions. This also keeps the material factory fresh for a long duration. The breathable tarp allows air to flow freely, this prevents condensation and keeps the material rust-free. The breathability of the tarp is perfect for transporting agricultural produce that is prone to decay if it accumulates sweat and dampness.

Multiple Uses of Canvas Tarps with Grommets

Our canvas tarps for sale offer an unparalleled experience for protecting your supplies. You can use our round canvas tarps to protect swimming pools and fisheries or use them in any other shape for enhanced outdoor element protection. There are several uses for Canvas Tarps in residential, construction, farming, and transportation. Canvas Tarps are essential for covering your construction material such as sand, gravel, wood, lumber, etc. Use the tarp to cover your items in your garage or your outdoor furniture. You can also use them to provide enhanced protection for industrial-grade farming produce and equipment that guards because of their breathable nature. Use canvas material for transporting the supply from one place to another. The tarps come with rustproof grommets that facilitate hassle-free installation and ensure edge-to-edge protection of your supplies. The grommets also add weight to the tarp making them resistant to the effects of gusty winds.

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