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Shop Custom Canvas Tarps for Complete Coverage & Protection

Tarps essentially are guardians against the unpredictable whims of weather and environmental elements. Beyond their seemingly simple fabric, these protective covers play a crucial role in shielding belongings from rain, wind, dust, and sunlight.

Made from poly-cotton material, these sturdy coverings shield everything and anything. Whether safeguarding outdoor furniture, vehicles, or construction materials, tarps prove indispensable in preserving the longevity and integrity of valuable possessions, ensuring they withstand the test of time and nature.

At Covers & All, you have the flexibility to ploy the size of the tarps and add grommets. Modify the size of the canvas tarp for absolute protection and complete coverage from one end to another.

Waterproof canvas tarps are categorized as:

    • Custom Tarps- Rectangle/Square - The classic shaped tarp is wax treated for weather and water protection.
    • Round Canvas Tarps - Fortified with wax, the ergonomic shaped tarp is highly protective. Keeps your round objects safe from mildew and other weather conditions.

Waterproof Canvas Tarps for Inclement Weather Protection

Our heavy-duty canvas tarps provide robust protection against surprise showers, mold, scratches, and more. Elevate the safeguarding of your valuables with these resilient shields.

Weatherproof Fabric: Our canvas tarps, crafted from 575 GSM, 28 mil thick poly-cotton canvas, blend durability with environmental mindfulness. Treated with wax, they defy moisture and resist mildew. At 16 oz, these heavy canvas tarps stand guard, offering robust protection against the elements.

Tailored to Perfection: Our bespoke canvas tarps offer the freedom to adjust the size to suit your exact needs. Simply input the desired length, width, and thickness values into our measuring tool, and witness the creation of a truly customized product.

Water-Repellent: These heavy-duty waterproof canvas tarps are crafted to offer an impermeable shield against the relentless forces of nature. When faced with elements like rain, snow, and sleet, these tarps stand resilient, warding off vulnerability and ensuring steadfast protection.

Mold-Proof: Our tarps are treated with wax to repel moisture and thwart mold and algae growth. In damp conditions, these heavy-duty waterproof canvas tarps act as guardians, ensuring your belongings stay odor-free and protected.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: In the face of outdoor elements and the potential threats of sharp objects and airborne debris, our tailor-made canvas tarps proudly display resilience. With resistance to tears and abrasions, these bespoke shields stand as a formidable defense, preserving the material's factory-fresh allure for an extended duration.

Complete Airflow: Our breathable tarp ensures free airflow, preventing condensation and maintaining rust-free protection for your belongings. Perfect for transporting moisture-sensitive agricultural produce.

Get Canvas Tarps with Grommets for Varied Applications

The tarps come with rustproof grommets that facilitate hassle-free installation and ensure edge-to-edge protection of your supplies. The grommets also add weight to the tarp restraining it from getting afloat in the gusty winds.

Our canvas tarps for sale offer an unparalleled experience for protecting your supplies. You can use our round canvas tarps to protect swimming pools and fisheries or use them in any other shape for enhanced outdoor element protection.

Canvas Tarps have multiple applications for residential, construction, farming, and transportation purposes.

  • Cover construction materials such as sand, gravel, wood, lumber, etc.
  • Covering the farming produce and equipment.
  • Transporting the supply from one place to another.
  • Sheathing your outdoor furniture.
  • Keeping dust and other elements at bay.

So, purchase these canvas tarps now, and be sure to check out our selection of mesh tarps, clear tarps, poly tarps, and heavy-duty tarps to safeguard your outdoor equipment and belongings.

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