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Shop Weatherproof Tabletop Covers to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Tables

Are you bored of looking at the same table with scratches and stains? Do you need to protect your new table from outdoor elements? Use our classic Tabletop Covers in custom sizes. The weatherproof covers extend protection from unpredictable rains and harsh UV radiation. They resist damage due to wear and tear ensuring a pristine look.

Aside from customization, the tabletop covers come with a personalization option. Imprint a logo or design onto the cover and mesmerize your audience with these unique covers. You can browse through our bestselling products available in different shapes such as rectangular/square/round tabletop covers.

Buy Waterproof & UV-Resistant Tabletop Protector for Factory-Fresh Table

Our custom tabletop covers protect your table from dust, dirt, bird droppings, debris, etc. They are available in multiple shades that enhance the aesthetical look of your area. The covers safeguard your table from spills and stains, making a remarkable difference to the neat appearance of your table.

Resilient Material: The outdoor tabletop covers are available in 3 fabric variants- Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. Cover Rite fabric is lighter in weight than the other two fabrics. All three are made of polyester material. 

Customize the Size According to Your Requirement: The fabric comes with the option to alter the size as per requirement. You can measure the dimensions according to the table and enter the dimensions in our measuring tool for a customized product.

Personalization Option: The covers combine the unique functionality of customization and personalization. You can easily imprint a logo or text onto the cover to impress your guests. You can choose the font style and color while personalizing the cover.

Waterproof Covers:Water seepage can dampen the mood and the table leading to stains and mildew growth. Our outdoor tabletop covers come with a waterproof feature that inhibits moisture permeation and keeps your tables dry.

UV-Resistant Covers: The intense sunlight may be responsible for harmful UV radiation which can lead to discoloration. The faded color can give your patio tabletop cover a tarnished appearance. Our UV-resistant table covers preserve the colors and keep the tables in pristine condition.

Resistant to Scratches & Scuffs: Our covers are resistant to tears and abrasions. They improve the performance of the covers by keeping rips and frays at bay. This helps to prevent any damage due to exposure by sustaining scratches and scuff marks. 

Protection from Mildew: The covers may be exposed to warm, wet, and humid conditions which is the breeding ground for mildew growth that can disintegrate the fabric and emit a foul odor. Use picnic table covers that complement the table covers and prohibit the growth of mildew.

Optional Air bags:Water may seep through grommets or any other exposed part when water pools on top of the cover. You can buy our optional air bags at a nominal cost to uplift sunken points and slide off moisture keeping your table completely dry..

Assurance of Warranty: The covers come with warranty coverage of up to 2 to 5 years for premium quality assurance.

Multiple Tie-Down Options are Available with Custom Tabletop Covers

The covers can be used to create a theme for aesthetic appeal. Use matching game table covers for an aesthetically appealing outlook.

The tie-downs include the following options elastic at the bottom, push clips to secure legs, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and rustproof grommets.

The above tie-downs help to secure the legs of the tables and keep the covers firmly on them even when accosted by gusty winds. Our grommets are spaced at 6/12/24 inches. You can opt for these corrosion-resistant grommets for added security.

Order our all-weather protective Tabletop Covers that are available in various shades to add vibrancy to your indoor or outdoor space.

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