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Shop Durable Accent Table Covers in Custom Sizes for Table Protection

Overtime tables may look tarnished due to excessive usage and exposure to the elements. Use customized Accent table Covers to revamp the look of these tables. Change the covers whenever you like as they have a low cost of investment and require minimum effort.

The accent table covers are available in versatile fabric variants in different shapes and colors. Our bestselling products include rectangle, round, and square accent covers.

You can enjoy a spillproof experience as the covers are waterproof. The covers are a vital piece of accessory that allows you to keep the tables in pristine condition indoors and outdoors. Personalize them with a logo, text, or design for a creative element. You can also customize the table cover size according to your requirement.

Buy Tear & Abrasion-Resistant Accent Table Covers for a Pristine Look

The linear tables are used for keeping decorative items or beverage glasses. They facilitate convenience with their portability and lightweight. Use table covers to increase the shelf life of your eminent tables.

Highly Durable Fabric:The covers are available in 3 distinct fabrics- Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are made of 1000 denier, PVC-coated polyester. Cover Rite is made of 600 denier, solution-dyed polyester with PU coating on one side. The covers are ideal for usage in moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Alter the Size: At Covers & All, we give you the choice to customize the size according to your furniture. Whether you require round accent table covers or square accent covers, we let you customize the size of it all! Just measure the dimensions and input the values in our measuring tool for a customized product.

Personalization Offered: The optional personalization lets you imprint a creative logo/design/text onto the cover in a font style or color of your choice. The personalization will be noticeable and help highlight your table!

Protection from Moisture Damage: The patio accent table covers can withstand unpredictable rains and accidental liquid spillage. The waterproof covers give enhanced protection from moisture seepage and prevent dampness from affecting your tables. 

Avoid Discoloration from Exposure to UV Radiation: The ultraviolet rays can be extremely harmful for your custom accent table covers. Our UV-resistant covers help to preserve colors even after long exposure to UV radiation that may result in a faded look.

Mildew Protection: Mold and algae are responsible for disintegrating the fabric. They ideally grow in warm and humid conditions. Our mildew-resistant accent table covers help prevent mildew formation as they are resistant to it.

Protect from Tears & Abrasions: The table covers may encounter sharp objects such as knives or razors. The covers feature tear resistance preventing any rips or ruptures. Ordinary covers are susceptible to frays and abrasions due to surface rubbing. Our abrasion-resistant covers prevent such damage, keeping them in factory-fresh condition.

Warranty Coverage: The covers come with warranty coverage of up to 2 to 5 years. You can claim a warranty in case of manufacturing defects, subject to terms and conditions. 

Air Bags for Water Protection: The optional air bags are available at a nominal cost and help to enhance water protection. Although the covers may be waterproof, water may seep through seams. You can use our air bags to uplift the sunken points and prevent water seepage. 

Our Custom Accent Table Covers are Available with Several Ties & Grommets

  • The accent table covers come with significant ties that help secure the covers to the table. These ties include: /li>
  • Drawstring
  • Elastic at the bottom
  • Push clips to secure the legs
  • Elastic at the bottom with push clips
  • Split zipper

All these ties help to keep the covers secured to the tables even while experiencing gusty winds. Optional grommets are also available, spaced at 6/12/24 inches, you can select the placement according to your preference.

Order these table covers easily from our website. Select the fabric, choose the color, opt for personalization (if required), and place your order.

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