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Shop Custom-Sized Game Table Covers for Weather Protection

Step up your gaming experience by shielding your game tables with our weather-resistant Game Table Covers. Your dedication will never go unrewarded when you sheath the table with our covers whenever not in use. The expensive gaming furniture requires protection from dirt, dust, debris, rain, intense sunlight, mildew, tears, and abrasions.

Our custom-sized covers help protect your tables from every nook and corner. The polyester-made covers are resistant to tearing and abrasing. Our custom game table covers come with a personalization option. Imprint your logo or design on the cover for a unique appeal.

Browse through our bestselling game table covers such as ping pong table covers, pool table covers, foosball table covers, shuffleboard table covers, pinball table covers, custom poker table covers-oval, air hockey table covers, etc.

Buy Custom Game Table Covers for Mildew Protection

The strengthened covers are a mix of style and functionality. There are multiple color options available for an aesthetic appeal and its protective qualities make it a formidable accessory.

Heavy-Duty Fabrics:Our covers are available in 3 different fabrics- Cover Rite, Cover Max, and Cover Tuff. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are made from 1000 denier PVC-coated polyester. The Cover Rite fabric is made of 600 denier, solution-dyed polyester with PU coating on one side. These covers are suited for moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Customize the Size to Your Need: The option to customize the size is an important feature. We allow you to get fitted game table covers, all you need to do is measure the dimensions and input the values in the measuring tool for a customized product.

Water Protection:An accidental bump of your hand may lead to liquid spillage, creating stains on the table. Our waterproof poker table covers inhibit moisture permeation. The waterproofing feature ensures that any spills or accidents won't damage your table, making it perfect for outdoor use as well. Our outdoor table covers feature the same resistance to water as the game table covers.

Protection from Sun Damage: Exposure to high UV radiation can lead to discoloration. This might make the casino table covers look faded and tattered. Our UV-resistant casino table covers preserve the colors and keep them intact. 

Safeguards from Tears & Abrasions: The covers are a balance of affordability and durability. They are resistant to the effects of tearing and abrasing. This prevents scratches and scuff marks on the covers and prolongs their shelf life. 

Prevents Mildew Growth:Once mildew starts to grow, it multiplies quickly. To shield your tables from mildew, we recommend using our mildew-resistant table cover for card games.

Personalization Offer:We allow you to personalize any style of table covers including picnic table covers. Unleash your creativity by imprinting a cool design or text on the cover and make people notice the distinctness from afar.

Buy Air bags at a Nominal Cost: The easy-to-maintain table covers come with optional airbags. These air bags are available at a nominal cost. The air bags help elevate sunken points and slide off moisture for a completely waterproof solution. 

Order our Pool Table Covers with Several Ties for Firm Closure

Our ping pong table covers are lightweight yet sturdy. They offer protection from external elements while maintaining their aesthetic appeal with vibrant colors. Get multiple options for tying the pool covers for a firm closure. These include drawstring, elastic at the bottom, push clips to secure legs, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and a split zipper.

We also offer the option to choose grommets with covers. This will add weight to the covers and make them withstand the pressure of gusty winds. It will prevent the covers from blowing away sporadically from your table.

Place the order for these exceptionally sturdy and weather-resistant covers from the comfort of your home and get doorstep delivery.

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