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Shop Waterproof and UV-Resistant Patio Heater Covers to Protect Your Heating Appliance

Preserve the heating element of your outdoor heaters with Patio Heater Covers that give lasting weather protection. Keep your patio setting cozy and warm during the winter season with elegant outdoor heater covers in colored hues. The design and size of the covers can easily be customized using our measuring tool.

The outdoor heater covers are available in 3 distinct fabrics- Cover Rite, Cover Max, and Cover Tuff. All three covers are waterproof and UV resistant. They are also resistant to tears and abrasions and come with warranty coverage. The covers are ideal for usage in moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Our bestselling covers include a range of designs for patio heating appliances.

Buy Custom-Sized Outdoor Heater Covers for Moderate to Extreme Weather Protection

Heaters are your aid during chilly winter days. They can become rusty if they are not protected during the summer or spring season. You can save your expensive appliance from becoming the victim of the weather by using outdoor heater covers.

Cover Rite & Cover Max for Moderate Weather Protection: Cover Rite is made of 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with PU coating on one side. Cover Max is made of 1000 denier PVC-coated polyester fabric. Both protect from moderate weather. Cover Max weighs about 12 oz while Cover Rite weighs about 8 oz.

Cover Tuff for Extreme Weather Protection: Cover Tuff is designed for extreme weather protection. It comprises 1000 denier PVC-coated polyester that is highly durable. This heavy-duty heater cover weighs approximately 18 oz.

Customize the Size Using Our Measurement Tool: You can easily customize the size of wall heater covers using our simple measuring tool. Input the values in the tool to get the customized product delivered to your doorstep.

Personalize with a Logo or Text: Personalizing the covers gives a unique appeal to them. They make the covers stand out simply by imprinting a logo or text of your choice. You can distinguish the covers by making use of the personalization feature.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant: Water damage causes mildew ruining your heating appliance. The covers prohibit water permeation and prevent seepage with their exterior barrier. The water-resistant covers may not be completely waterproof, you can look through the specification of each fabric for details. UV-resistant covers preserve the colors and prevent fading.

Tear & Abrasion Protection: Regular wear and tear can create scratches and ruptures on the radiator heater covers. This can impair the cover’s performance by exposing the appliance to outdoor elements like dust, dirt, rain, snow, etc. The tear and abrasion resistance helps minimize the risks from such exposure and maintains the exterior appearance of the covers.

Mildew Resistant: Mold and algae are responsible for damaging the fabric weaves. You can be certain that once mildew grows on your cover, it will be irreparable. Cover Rite comes with a PU coating that creates a barrier for slowing or preventing mildew growth.

Color Options: We offer a range of color choices with each of the fabric variants. This will help you aesthetically match the covers with your surrounding area. The exceptional colors can be selected easily and added to your cart for placement.

Precise Fit Elastic at the Bottom: We provide elastic at the bottom that snugly fits on your cover. The tight grip ensures that outdoor elements stay away from your heating appliance. This tie-down is essential to keep the wind over the appliance during windy days.

Warranty Coverage: The covers come with warranty coverage spanning from 2 to 5 years.

Ordering Heater Covers at Cover & All is Hassle Free

Our outdoor heater covers are easy to order. You can place the order for customized products by following the below given steps:

  • Customize the size - Use our measuring guide to submit your dimensions.
  • Choice of fabric - Choose from fabric & fabric colors
  • Choose tie-downs- Option to choose tie-downs for a snug fit.
  • Personalize - Upload an image or text to personalize your covers (optional).
  • Order - Place your order.

It's very simple to place your order for these customized products at Covers & All. Buy these weather-resistant Patio Heater Covers to keep the outdoor elements at bay.

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