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Shop Outdoor TV Covers for Perfect Protection

TV is a primary source of entertainment indoors or outdoors. Protect this precious appliance using our custom-fit outdoor TV cover. Easily customize the size to cover your TV from edge-to-edge. They are resistant to water, UV rays, tears, abrasions, and more. This saves your cover from unpredictable elements such as rain and sun exposure.

The TV cover for outside is available in 3 different fabrics suitable for moderate to extreme weather conditions. You can also personalize the covers with a text or design to add a personal touch.

Browse through our bestselling products such as custom TV covers, 55-59 inch TV covers, 65-68 inch TV covers, 42-45 inch TV covers, 50-54 inch TV covers, etc.

Buy Waterproof TV Cover for Outside to Prevent Moisture Damage

The outdoor TV cover is made from waterproof and UV-resistant fabric. They protect your outdoor TV from elements such as unpredictable rainfall and excessive sunlight. Dust may cover your television with granules making it difficult to get clarity while viewing the content. Enjoy clarity and unperturbed view whenever you uncover your TV cover for outside.

Cover Rite & Cover Max for Moderate Weather Conditions: Cover Max comprises 12 oz of PVC-coated polyester with a 1000D density, while Cover Rite is crafted from 100% solution-dyed polyester with a 600D density and a PU coating. Both materials are well-suited for moderate weather conditions effectively shield against mild rainfall, wind, and sunlight.

Cover Tuff Shields from Extreme Weather: The TV screen protector in Cover Tuff fabric is made from 1000D, PVC-coated polyester that weighs approx. 18 oz. It is suitable to protect your TV from extreme variations in weather such as heavy rainfall and scorching sun.

Size Customization: The size customization option helps you alter the size of the outdoor TV protector. You can easily customize the size using our measurement box and get it delivered to your doorstep. For more detailed customization, you can refer to our measuring guide to help you take dimensions.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant: The waterproof TV covers prevent moisture permeation and prevent disintegration of the fabric. This helps you get a pristine cover that is spotless of any diminishes. The UV-resistant outdoor television cover prevents fading and discoloration.

Tear and Abrasion-Resistant: The best outdoor TV cover prevents scratches and frays keeping it in mint condition at all times. You can expect the tear and abrasion resistance to help prevent any marks from colliding with sharp objects.

Mildew Protection: The Cover Rite fabric is inherent with a PU coating that inhibits the formation of mildew that can disintegrate the fabric and also cause health issues. Our anti-mildew Cover Rite fabric keeps the cover in pristine condition even after neglect for a long duration.

Warranty Assurance: The custom TV covers come with warranty coverage of up to 2 to 5 years. You can rely on them to serve you with protection without facing any difficulty in performance.

Split Zipper as Tie-Down: Whether it is 55-inch TV cover or 32-inch TV cover, all our TV covers come with a split zipper that can be used for enclosing your TV securely.

Buy Optional Airbags for Complete Waterproofing of Your Outdoor TV Protector

The TV covers for the outside comes with the option for choosing airbags. These airbags are made of high-quality material that can deflect water pooled on top of the cover. It also helps protect your TV from accidental water seepage during heavy rains as they are inflated in design and prevent seepage from open seams.

The airbags need to be kept under sunken points to elevate them and drain off excess moisture. Buy our formidable TV protectors to secure your electronic appliances from any elemental damage.

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These sizes are intended to fit standard television sizes, but it's important to note that the dimensions of your TV may vary, especially if it's an older or non-standard model. To ensure the best fit for your outdoor TV cover, it's recommended to measure the width, height, and depth of your TV and compare those measurements to the dimensions provided by the cover manufacturer. To help you find the most suitable cover size for your specific TV, we recommend that you check custom TV covers.

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