Sun Shade Sail

Sun Shade Sail to Protection from Sun & Rain

Summers are here and it’s time to host fun pool parties or BBQs in your classy backyard. If you’re worried about that scorching sunlight or afternoon drizzle, we have a perfect way out. Covers & All’s durable sun shade sail is an ideal solution to help you be the epicenter of fun. Made from durable fabric, the sun shade for backyard can be relied upon for all weather conditions. Be it harsh UV rays, downpours, gusty wind, these durable shades will be your best bet.

Our patio sail shades are available in various fabrics - Cover Max, Cover Max+, Shade Print, Shade Lite. Depending on your requirements and geographical location, you can choose the fabric for moderate to all weather conditions. Crafted from 12oz weight, 1000 denier, PVC coated polyester, our Cover Max and Cover Max+ fabric are the perfect options for moderate weather conditions. The Shade Print fabric is made of 600 Denier, polyester woven, one side acrylic coated fabric carrying 8 oz weight. Perfect for moderate weather conditions, our waterproof Shade sail print fabrics are an ultimate choice for protection against downpours and medium UV rays. For more openness, look no further than our durable Shade Lite fabrics. Designed using 400 denier, breathable knitted fabric, 15% openness, this fabric works well in all weather conditions.

Sun Shades Canopy for Patio in Multiple Shapes & Color Comes with an Array of Accessories

Available in triangle, square, and rectangle shapes, the waterproof sun shades for the patio come with extra accessories. Manufactured to deploy the sail perfectly, Triangle D rings are included at all corners. Additional hardware accessories include a turnbuckle, snap hook, pad eye bracket, and screw/roll plugs. Richly designed to enhance your backyard, our sun sail shades come with a warranty coverage starting from 1 to 3 years depending on the fabric you choose.

Available in multiple colors, these custom sunshade sails will transform your outdoors instantly. The beautiful hues available will complement your décor for an aesthetically pleasing look. From black, brown, gray, blue, and white, our color options are many. Plus, if you opt for Shade Print, you get to choose from multiple floral pattern options. Made to perfection, our tailor-made outdoor shade sail is made to fit any outdoor space. Tear & abrasion-resistant, our sun shade sail is engineered to stand the test of time and protect your guests all year round.

Ordering a Custom Sun Shade Sail is a Cakewalk

Made to brave harsh UV rays and all other weather conditions, our outdoor shade covers are designed using UV and waterproof fabric. The highly durable shade sails can be ordered in just a few clicks. With Covers & All ordering patio sun shade sail is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is to upload the required measurements & color. Shipped around the world, the customized shade sail will be delivered right to your doorstep. Our lively sunshade sails add extra spice to your backyard and pool parties. A great item to boost your summertime fun, our tailor-made outdoor shade cover will enrich your outdoor living aesthetics. Place your order now! We offer free shipping for all orders over $99.

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Frequently Ask Question's for Sun Shade Sail:

Q1. How to install sun shade sail?

Ans: Sun shade sails are commonly affixed using robust anchor points, such as poles, walls, or other dependable structures. Achieving the correct tension and positioning is crucial for a successful installation.

Q2. What's the process for hanging an outdoor shade sail?

Ans: Installing and relocating shade sails is straightforward. All you need are the appropriate tools and accessories. We offer a comprehensive set that includes turnbuckles, snap hooks, pad eye brackets, screws/roll plugs, and more. You can purchase this set for a minimal additional cost.

Q3. Which color is recommended for a sun sail shade?

Ans: Opt for darker colors like black or brown if you want maximum protection against the sun's UV rays. Also, consider that lighter colors tend to be more prone to displaying dust, bird droppings, and stains as they are more conspicuous.

Q4. What measures can I take to prevent my sail shade from being carried away by the wind?

Ans: Shade sails can be vulnerable to the elements. To secure them, it's crucial to have a robust anchor point. An exterior wall, a sturdy steel pole, or even a mature tree can all serve as reliable anchor points to keep your shade sail in position.

Q5. Which shade sail shape is most suitable?

Ans: It depends on your usage. Triangle-shaped shade sails add a distinctive aesthetic charm that can enhance the outdoor space's design. Square/Rectangle-shaped shade sails provide superior sun protection compared to triangle-shaped ones, making them a popular choice for areas requiring extensive coverage.

Q6. Is it better for a shade sail to be tight or loose?

Ans: A taut sail has the advantage of better wind resistance. The fabric remains steady, preventing vibrations and minimizing the transfer of wind force to the anchor points.

Q7. What factors should I keep in mind while buying sun shade sails?

Ans: You should consider the purpose for purchasing, availability of area, ideal location for installation, fabric options, and cost of the sunshade sail.

Q8. Do you offer waterproof sun shades for patio?

Ans: Yes, we offer waterproof patio sun shade sails to prevent moisture damage.

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