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Buy Tailor-Made Classic Sun Shade Sails for Inclement Weather Protection

The Classic Sun Shade Sails are easily the most energy-efficient and affordable solution to bring shade to an outdoor space. Made with breathable knitted fabric, the shades bring immediate relief from the scorching heat that make outdoor seating unbearable. Customize the size of the sun shade sails as per space availability using our simple measuring tool.

The shades amplify protection from tears and abrasions keeping the underneath area covered minutely. The 15% openness of the fabric allows slight sun rays to permeate the surface keeping an ambient temperature while blocking the harsh UV radiation that can cause skin cancer. Available in a curve or straight side, the shades facilitate proper tensioning that makes installation hassle-free.

Shop for UV-Resistant Sun Shade Sails to Beat the Heat

The solar shades combine functionality and aesthetics. We offer you the flexibility to customize the size and add accessories to your shades. The shades do not block the sunlight completely. A certain amount of natural light permeates the surface preventing complete dullness.

Highly Resilient Material: The patio sun shade sail is made of 400 deniers with a breathable knitted fabric. It has 15% openness that allows slight sun rays to permeate the surface.

Customize the Size: You can customize the size of the sun shade sail rectangle or any shape according to the space availability. Use our measuring tool to guide you about taking dimensions and inputting the values in the space provided. You will get the product in the desired size as required with a leeway of 1”-2” for easy pull-in and pull-out.

UV-Resistant Material: Buy our best shade sails online that protect you and your guests from harmful UV radiation that can cause skin cancer and also lead to discoloration of the fabric. Aside from UV protection, the shades bring down the heat marginally and reduce dependency on air-conditioning which leads to exorbitant expenditure.

Suitable for All Weather: Our robust shades are suitable for all types of weather conditions. Use for incessant heat protection during the summer season or exposure to UV radiation during the winter season. As these shades are not waterproof sun shade sails, avoid using them during a heavy downpour.

Protects from Tears & Abrasions: Scratches and scruffs can impair the performance of the shade sails. Surface rubbing can lead to abrasions, weakening the fabric weaves. Use our tear and abrasion-resistant shade sail to keep the fabric intact.

Usage: The shades are available in rectangular, triangle, and square shapes. They are an excellent choice for covering outdoor pools, patios, restaurants, outdoor shopping areas, and garden beds.

Warranty: The lightweight fabric comes with warranty coverage of up to 2 years assuring you about the premium quality of the product.

Quick and Simple Ordering Process of Sun Shade Sails

The classic sun shade sail can be ordered easily. Input the customized dimensions in our measuring tools, add accessories (if required), and place your order to get doorstep delivery. Browse through our bestsellers to get the product of your choice:

  • Custom sun shade sail- rectangle: A rectangle sun shade sail gives maximum coverage with its end-to-end corners.
  • Custom sun shade sail- triangle: The triangle sun sail shade is perfect for alleys and open markets. Its symmetrical arrangement adds a distinct beauty to an open avenue.
  • Custom sun shade sail- square: Our square sun shade sails square shades are perfectly cordial in a boxed-shaped outdoor space.

You can also add accessories such as a turnbuckle, snap hook, pad eye bracket, and screws/roll plugs for an additional charge. These accessories help in the hassle-free installation of your shade.

Classic Sun Shade Sail FAQs:

1. How effective are classic sun shades?

Ans. Sun shades are very effective at blocking the sun, usually providing a shade factor between 85-100%. However, the shade factor is different from the UV block, which is the amount of harmful UV rays that can pass through the sail. Different manufacturers' designs and materials will offer varying degrees of protection. It's important to decide on your preferred balance between shade factor and UV block when selecting a sun shade.

2. How Long do Shade Sails Last?

A. At least 5-7 years, The quality and longevity of shade sails mainly depend on the materials used to make them and maintenance.

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