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Shop Skylight Covers to Control Light and Temperature in Your Room

It’s important to sheath your skylight window while watching a movie or control excess light, or adjust room temperature. Try these top-grade customized Skylight Covers from Covers & All. They are available in a number of shapes including—rectangle/square, rectangle/square dome, round dome, pyramid, extended pyramid, barrel vaulted, and flat bent. Further, they are made in custom sizes as per your requirement.

Waterproof, UV-resistant, and tear-resistant, the covers can be used for moderate to extreme weather conditions. They are equipped with drawstrings and other optional accessories for easy placement and removal. With a choice of 3 fabrics, various color options, and tie-down options, the skylight protectors are a must-have for your roof window.

Install Our Weatherproof Skylight Covers Outside for Year-Round

Custom-Sizes: Get the best deals on these tailor-made skylight covers. You tell us the sizes and we make the exact cover that fits perfectly to your window. A well-fitted cover fights strong storms or high-speed winds without many hassles and gives a neat look to your roof.

Personalization: Add some text or logo to the covers, using the personalization feature. To print text, enter your narrative, select the font style, and choose the font color. To print a graphic, directly upload the image.

Waterproof: Unexpected rains are troublesome for all of us. Especially, if you have something covered on your roof. Therefore, we use water-repellent and waterproof fabrics to make these covers. Be it snow, sleet, or heavy rainfall, our outdoor skylight covers are resilient against all.

Mildew-Resistant: Fight the growth of harmful fungi using our mildew-resistant custom covers. We understand you got other numerous tasks to fulfill, so don’t worry if the cover stays on your skylight for a little longer. Our fabrics ensure that no mold or mildew grows on these vigorous covers.

UV-Resistant: Dull and faded covers create a gloomy vibe. To avoid this, we use UV-resistant materials. Our covers keep their shine and hue intact for years to come, no matter how much sunlight they are exposed to. The Cover Rite fabric is further resilient to sun damage as it comes with an extra PU coating on one side.

Tear-Resistant: Your roof and higher walls are more susceptible to debris and dust, especially during a storm. But, our tear and abrasion-resistant covers stay pristine for a long time. No birds or cats can damage these covers from their point beaks and sharp claws, giving you quality time to relax and rejuvenate.

Warranty Coverage: Enhancing our products’ strength and reliability, we provide a warranty between 2 to 5 years based on the fabric type. Avail 2 years of warranty with Cover Rite material, 3 years of warranty with Cover Max material, and 5 years of warranty with Cover Tuff material.

Order Our Easy-to-Use Skylight Dome Covers in a Few Simple Steps

If the question about how to cover a skylight from outside bothers you, then worry not. To ease your life, we provide sturdy tie-downs attached to the covers.

Tie-Downs: The default tie-downs for these exterior skylight covers are drawstrings. Compact and handy, they provide foolproof security to your window against high-speed winds and rain. For a more secure option, choose elastic tie-downs by paying a small additional amount.

Order Process: Respecting your time, we keep our order process simple and minimalistic. Follow the steps given to get your cover delivered in no time.

  • Provide your desired dimensions under our dedicated ‘Measurement’ section. If you face any difficulty, use our 'how to measure guide’.
  • Then, choose the fabric type as per your requirement.
  • Tick the ‘Personalize’ box, to print your covers with a text or logo. Here, you are requested to input the desired text or upload the image to be printed.
  • Select the needed tie-down options.
  • To submit any special request related to the product, use the text box at the bottom.
  • Set the number of covers needed and head to your cart.

The resilient skylight covers are the best deal in the market. Buy them online at Covers & All, today!

Skylight Covers FAQs:

1. What is the best way to cover skylights?

Ans. Skylight covers are among the most effective options for covering skylight (roof) windows. When choosing the appropriate covers, you should consider the following factors: The direction they will face (south, north, east, or west) and the style of the blinds (tubular, ventilating, or fixed).

2. What are the budgeted options to cover skylights?

Ans. One quick and easy fix that is by far the most economical of all options is to purchase a blue tarp that is several feet longer than your skylight. Lay it over the top of the skylight so that it is completely covered and secure the excess fabric using bricks. It's a fast, affordable, and easy way to cover your skylight.

3. How do I block sunlight from a skylight?

Ans. To keep your home cool and energy-efficient, we recommend using skylight covers such as shades and covers. These window coverings block the solar heat and prevent the inside of your home from getting too hot during the summer.

4. Do skylight cover work?

Ans. Yes, skylight covers have numerous benefits, including blocking up to 90% of heat, reducing air conditioning bills during summer, preventing furniture and carpet fading, and reducing wind chill factor and frost buildup during winter. They can be used for clear, bronze, or frosted skylights.

5. Can I cover a skylight with a tarp?

Ans. Covering your skylights with tarps, blankets, or large boards can be a great way to prevent damage from hail and high winds during severe weather.

6. What are the benefits of skylight covers?

Ans. Skylight shades have several benefits, including helping you to regulate light and temperature in your space, enhancing your home's decor with a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, and blocking harmful UV rays that may cause furniture or other objects in your home to fade or discolor.

7. Are skylight window coverings safe for kids and pets?

Ans. Yes! If you have children and/or pets, we can recommend child-safe options such as motorized shades. These shades are safe for children and pets because they do not have any cords that can tangle.

8. Will light pass through my skylight covers?

Ans. Skylight covers are designed to block light but not entirely. Some light may still pass through your shades. Our team will assist you in selecting a window covering that allows the ideal amount of light into your space.

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