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Shop Customized Recliner Chair Covers for All-Round Safety of Your Seat

Your favorite recliner chair helps you enjoy the outdoor beauty. It is important that you sheath it using high-quality Recliner Chair Covers from Covers & All. We provide these covers in 5 different designs, generally found in the market. Pick the one that resembles your chair and guard it against weather elements, dust, debris, and others.

These custom covers are available in tailor-made sizes with various installation aids. Further, you get UV protection and water protection that last for years. The covers are suitable for moderate to extreme weather conditions, and thus can be used year-round without a second thought. To safeguard other furniture on your patio, explore our range of outdoor furniture covers.

Steal the Deal with Our Weatherproof and Tearproof Recliner Covers

Tearproof: Protect your recliner against harsh winds, strong storms, or mischievous children, using our tear and abrasion-resistant armchair covers. The covers are resilient to cuts and slits from sharp objects and friction, keeping them in pristine condition for a long time.

Weatherproof: With waterproof and UV-resistant materials, these chair covers offer all-weather protection. They help your chair fight rainfall, snowfall, or extreme heat rays and add more years to its life. For warm and humid places, choose our mildew-resistant fabric that prevents the growth of harmful fungi on these covers.

Bespoke Sizes: Provide the dimensions of your chair on our website to get a cover with the best fitting. A perfectly-fitting cover ensures that no dust or water entrenches it, ensuring foolproof security for your recliner chair.

Personalization: Covers need not be boring, especially when designing them is so affordable. Print these recliner covers with a trendy quote or graphic using our personalization feature and add some spice to your outdoor aesthetics.

Warranty: We provide warranty coverage with these custom covers, varying from 2 to 5 years as per the fabric choice. The warranty adds to the durability of the covers, making them last for more years.

Order Our Easy-to-Use Custom Recliner Covers in a Few Basic Steps

Install these covers in minutes using our various accessories options. 

How to Install?: The vigorous covers are equipped with functional drawstrings to tie them down with the chair. To further enhance the security and permanently install the covers, add rustproof grommets to them. The grommets are generally used along with ropes or bungee cords. The other installing aids include elastic bottom, push clips to secure legs, and split zipper. Pick the suitable option that is best for your current needs.

How to Order?: We have kept our order process simple and basic for your convenience. Mind these steps and have your cover ordered within minutes.

  • Measure your chair using our ‘how to measure’ guide. Then, put the dimensions in the given space on our website.
  • Select the suitable fabric as per your need.
  • Check the ‘Personalize’ box to print the covers with a name or graphic.
  • Choose from the given tie-down and grommet options.
  • Increase the number of product units as required.
  • Click on the ‘add to cart’ box.

Your order will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. So, why wait? These best waterproof recliner covers are just a few clicks away. Buy them at Covers & All, today!

Recliner Covers FAQs:

1. Can I put a cover on a recliner?

Ans. Yes, you can. Fortunately, recliner covers can give your beloved furniture piece a little TLC to protect them from further wear and tear and make them easier to clean. Covers for recliner chairs are the best all-around solution for your old recliner.

2. How do I measure a recliner for a cover?

Ans. Measure your recliner with the backrest height, top to bottom. Then, measure the seat width from inside arm to inside arm, following with the measurement of seat depth back to front. Lastly, compare the armrest width and armrest depth to the arm flap dimensions for the recliner protector.

3. How do I attach a recliner cover?

Ans. To attach a recliner cover, begin by draping the cover over your recliner. Then, properly place the covers entire front section and back section, draping the cover across the front of the recliner.

4. How much does it cost to cover a recliner chair?

Ans. It varies with the dimensions of the chair which a customer is buying.

5. What are the best things to look for in a recliner cover?

Ans. You should look for fabric that stands up to high traffic and repeated washings; and beautiful color, patterns, or texture that look as good or better than the recliner itself in your unique space!

6. Is polyester a good material for a recliner cover?

Ans. Yes, polyester is one of the most versatile and popular of the synthetic options, as it's durable and breathable while still feeling soft and comfortable. Easy to clean and less prone to fading than some other fabrics, polyester is a sensible choice if the recliner is going to sit by a window with a lot of natural light.

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