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Climate Coverage with Patio Couch Covers & Sofa Covers

Waterproof couch covers are an elegant solution to outdoor furniture protection. Luxury and practicality meet to provide maximum protection from the elements by safeguarding against any water damage or UV-related color fading. A custom-fitted patio couch cover also effectively shields your couch from any unwanted dirt or grime buildup, keeping your outdoor living space looking clean and sophisticated year-round.

Waterproof and tear-resistant fabric creates a sleek, form-fitting barrier that is as attractive as it is effective in protecting against rain, sleet, snow - any and all moisture. Your couch and loveseat covers can be made with air vents as well to protect against mold. Whether you live in a high-rain area or desert-like conditions, your custom waterproof covers will keep you protected.

It’s not just rain your covers should protect your couch from. Your outdoor furniture cover should be able to withstand the wear and tear of any weather woe while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance. UV and tear resistant, our covers for sofas will provide peace of mind, rain or shine.

A wide variety of materials and fabrics are available to suit your outdoor couch’s needs, no matter your region's climate. Finding a custom sectional cover suited to your outdoors has never been easier either. Choose from lightweight to heavy duty fabric to create a polished look and feel for the best couch/sofa covers on your block.

The Perfect Fit For Outdoor Couch/Sofa Covers

Our tailor-made custom couch cover is easy to create using our online design tool. Simply measure your piece according to the diagram and enter the measurements in the clearly defined space.

This is where you can complete the customization of your covers for your sofa/couch as well. Choose the color from the available options. Pick the fabric that matches your decor and weather zone. That’s all it takes to create your own protected backyard oasis.

Personalize Your Custom Couch Covers

Personalize your couch waterproof covers and make it your own. Put a lightweight cover on your pool table, emblazoned with the logo of your favorite team. Monogram your sofa covers. Put a lovely graphic on your outdoor table covers or a favorite saying on your sectional couch cover.

Cover Your Outdoor Couches in Style

Your favorite spot isn’t complete without a tailor-made outdoor couch/sofa cover. Make your outdoor relaxation space truly unique with a wide range of impressive options:

  • High Tensile Strength Fabric
  • 100% Waterproof Fabric
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Expertly Measured
  • Water, tear & UV resistant fabric
  • Personalization (optional)
    • Text
    • Graphics
    • Logos
    • Monogram
    • Family Crest
  • Multiple Tie-down Options Available
    • Drawstring
    • Elastic
    • Push Clips
    • Waterproof Zipper

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