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Custom Couch/Sofa Slipcovers for Sofas that are Very Protective of Your Furniture

From having a glass of wine, or eating popcorn while watching your favorite soccer match to competing with your labrador to find that perfect corner to slouch in, your couch silently withstands all onslaughts. Protect the family’s favourite relaxation couch, with sofa slipcovers from Covers & All.

Custom Couch Covers protect the underlying upholstery of the couch from accidental spills and rough handling by children and pets. The outdoor cushion and pillow covers also protects the upholstery from dust, moisture, and seasonal changes. They also protect your couch/sofa from damage that might happen during spring cleaning and shifting out.

Custom Sofa Covers Made with Durable Fabric that is Lightweight

Made of 900 denier, and a blend of 92% polyester and 8% Spandex, the custom sofa slipcover for sofas is fully elastic and can fit sofas of all shapes and sizes. Thick, durable and lightweight, our outdoor lifestyle covers are also eco-friendly and wrinkle-resistant.

Our custom slipcovers for sofas are easy to clean too. Simply unzip the slipcovers and machine-wash them. Our patio furniture covers are also cost-effective, as cleaning the slipcover is cheaper than reupholstering the sofa.

Personalized Sofa/Couch Slipcovers in Vibrant Colors

Covers & All's custom made sofa slipcovers for sofas come in a variety of colors and designs, including geometric patterns & animal prints. Choose the ones that match your room decor. You can make your old-fashioned couch look new and trendy with our vibrant slipcovers.

They come with sturdy elastic tie-downs that make the couch slipcovers adjust to fit sofas of any size. All you have to do is to send us the measurements of your couch and we will deliver perfectly fitting covers in your chosen color and print.


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