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  1. Custom Cylinder/Round Cover

    Custom Cylinder/Round Cover

  2. Bird Bath Covers

    Bird Bath Covers

  3. Machine/Equipment Cover

    Machine/Equipment Cover

  4. Cushion Storage Chest Cover

    Cushion Storage Chest Cover

  5. Custom Cover

    Custom Cover

  6. Firewood Cover

    Firewood Cover

  7. Fountain Covers

    Fountain Covers

  8. Hot Tub Square Cover

    Hot Tub Square Cover

  9. Pallet Cover

    Pallet Cover

  10. Cart Cover

    Cart Cover

  11. Swing Cover

    Swing Cover

  12. Foosball Table Cover

    Foosball Table Cover

  13. Lawn Mower Cover

    Lawn Mower Cover

  14. Pool Table Cover

    Pool Table Cover

  15. Bicycle Cover

    Bicycle Cover

  16. Air Conditioner Cover

    Air Conditioner Cover

  17. Hammock Cover

    Hammock Cover

  18. Air Hockey Table Cover

    Air Hockey Table Cover

  19. Generator Covers

    Generator Covers

  20. Ping Pong Table Cover

    Ping Pong Table Cover

  21. Zero Turn Mower Cover

    Zero Turn Mower Cover

  22. Canopy Cover

    Canopy Cover

  23. Tractor Covers

    Tractor Covers

  24. Patio Heater Cover

    Patio Heater Cover


More Covers

Covers are the best to protect your furniture from scratches and also from dust and debris settling in. Be it indoors or outdoors, all your furniture needs covers to maintain it for a longer period. From table covers to sofa covers to the grill covers in your patio, they are necessary to ensure that your furniture remains intact from the hazardous effects of the weather and also from the moisture in the air. Covers are all one needs to protect the furniture and ensure that it remains intact over a prolonged time.

Covers are easy and convenient to use. Coversandall is your one stop destination to get all different types of covers for your furniture. Whether it is indoor furniture cover for air conditioners and sofa set or outdoor furniture for patio grills or fire pit, or covers for bicycles, we provide the best fits for your furniture. We also customize covers according to match your unique requirement.

We offer 20% OFF on all products & FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $49*. Our lowest price guarantee doesn’t affect the quality of our product.
We strive to maintain the best quality for our products. We also personalize the covers as per your requirement.

Here are some of the products:

  • Air conditioner covers: These are the best to avoid the dust particles from entering the air conditioner so as to make it work for a longer time.
  • Pool Table cover: They can be used to cover the pool table when not in use.
  • Bicycle cover: This is the best to cover your bicycle while it is parked in the garage.
  • Patio Heater Cover: These protect the patio heater from harsh weather conditions and also from the dust and debris to settle inside it.

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