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  • Highly durable curtains are customized to your size requirements.
  • Multi-purpose curtains are perfect for home, commercial, or industrial use.
  • Divider curtains are an inexpensive alternative to rigid dividers like walls.
  • Curtains can hold up well against UV rays, water, mildew, wear & tear.
  • Grommet’s diameter is approx 15 mm,which may or may not be used to hang the curtains directly.
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Add Privacy & Protection With Durable Custom Room Divider Curtains

Custom curtains are a functional and versatile solution for creating partitioned zones within any space. The flexibility to install and remove them anytime is one of the biggest benefits of preferring them over rigid dividers. But when it comes to our custom room divider curtains, there's a lot more to take advantage of, alongside creating instant and temporary partitions. Covers & All industrial-strength divider curtains offer high durability, privacy, shade, and protection from several weather elements, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use in any commercial or residential setting.

Our heavy-duty room divider curtains can be used for a variety of residential, construction, and commercial purposes. You can use these curtains for creating privacy, temperature control, and safe work environments for work or personal use.

Our curtains are available in several weather-resistant fabric materials including PVC coated polyester for extreme weather, PVC for moderate weather, and ultra-clear vinyl for adding transparency. All our fabrics are tear, abrasion, water, mildew, and UV resistant, with medium to extreme weather protection. You can select the fabric based on the year-round ambient conditions in your area. With the right selection of fabric, the curtains will offer ideal protection from direct sunlight, water, wear & tear, dirt & debris for up to 3-5 years.

The custom size feature allows you to order made-to-measure curtains to suit your unique space requirements. Furthermore, you can enhance the functionality and style of your room partition curtains by adding grommets or 4” pockets along the bottom (open at both the ends), etc. at a minimal additional charge.

Add Greater Strength With Weighted Chain Sewn-In At The Bottom

If you want your room divider curtains to have added strength and increased wind resistance, you can get a weighted chain sewn in at the bottom. The weighted chain comes as an optional feature, which is added on-demand and includes a small additional price.

The vertical sewn-in chain along the bottom of the divider curtain adds weight to it. The added weight prevents the curtain from frequent swinging or moving. Plus, it allows the curtain to settle down relatively quickly. When used in an open space, it also offers greater wind resistance.

Personalization of Room Divider Curtains

While our room divider curtains help manage your floor space much more effectively, they can additionally help promote your business simultaneously. With our optional personalization feature that comes with a minimal additional cost, you can add your business logo, name, or monogram to tarp tuff & tarp max curtains for branding or aesthetic purposes. Personalization maximizes the potential of the curtains by adding a touch of uniqueness and appeal alongside functionality and protection.

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