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Shop Premium Quality Weight Bags for a Stable Weight Base

From securing towering tents on gusty mountaintops to breathing life into outdoor events, Covers & All Weight Bags defy gravity's whims with unwavering determination.

Owing to the robust PVC fabric, they resist all weather elements. They are available in multiple colors and quantities and are equipped with zippers and velcro for complete closure. From umbrella weight bags to canopy and tripod, our weight bags reusable weight bags precisely anchor and stabilize your equipment.

Canopy Weight Bags are Available in Multiple Colors & Standard Sizes

Offering perfect stability to keep your outdoor umbrellas, tripod stand, and canopy standing right, the weight bags are ideal for long-duration outdoor setups and inclement weather.

Size: With its dimensions measuring 23" X 10", tripod weight bag is perfectly tailored to offer the ideal counterweight balance for a wide range of shooting equipment. Crafted with dimensions of 19" in width and length, and a height of 6", the umbrella weight bags feature a strategically designed hole with a diameter of 4".

Weight Holding Capacity: Umbrella weight bags can hold a weight up to 80 lbs. While each canopy bag can hold weight up to 30 lbs and is double stitched for strength.

Material: Harnessing the power of heavy-duty PVC (polyvinyl chloride), our weight bags stand tall as bastions of durability. Despite their mighty strength, they remain surprisingly lightweight, boasting a mere 18 Oz in graphic weight. Experience the perfect balance of resilience and portability with our exceptional weight bags.

Wind Resistant: Designed to effortlessly withstand powerful gusts, these bags provide unwavering stability for your canopy, granting you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your outdoor experiences, regardless of the wind's strength.

Waterproof & Weather-Resistant: Embrace the elements with confidence as our weight bags feature a waterproof and weather-resistant fabric. Unleash them under the scorching sun, amidst sandy beaches, or within lush gardens, knowing they will bravely withstand the sun's rays, raindrops, and even the gustiest winds.

UV Resistant: The UV resistance attribute of these weight bag fabrics makes them perfect for scorching sun. They will not fade and stay in good condition despite long UV exposure.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Exposure to outdoor conditions can damage the weight bag and make it non-functional. These reliable weight bags do not get scratched, torn, or slit easily despite their rugged usage in rough conditions.

Double Stitched Seams: Experience unmatched durability with our meticulously tailored weight bags, featuring double-stitched seams. These reinforced seams ensure that the bags stay intact, resisting the threat of tearing even under the heaviest loads of sand. Our weight bags are made to withstand the test of time and provide steadfast support for all your needs.

Portability: Designed for effortless portability, the bag is equipped with a sturdy handle that ensures easy transportation. Plus, it alleviates the potential burden of carrying a filled bag. Embrace the freedom to move with ease with our portable weight bags.

Weight Bags are Available in Different Colors

Color Options: Express your personal style with our weight bags with delightful color options. Pick from our sophisticated range of colors and customize your order ensuring your weight bags seamlessly blend with your aesthetic vision.

Zippers & Velcro: Discover exceptional functionality with our weight bags, featuring zippers to accommodate sand, gravel, or any desired contents. Additionally, a velcro strap is also included to secure the bag to the canopy, umbrella or tripod pole effortlessly.

So, why wait? Shop for these Weight Bags now and ensure stability for your equipment.

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