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Coversandall ClearVinylCurtain01 ClearVinylCurtain01 Shop 100% waterproof clear vinyl curtains with resistance to tears and abrasion. Made of 48 PHR, the ultra-clear PVC curtain is highly durable. Free shipping on all orders over $99.  https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/o/u/outdoor-vinyl-curtains_2.jpg

Highly Durable and Versatile Clear Vinyl Curtain for Ultimate Protection

  • Made of highly durable 48 PHR, ultra-clear PVC material.
  • Customization allows greater flexibility to attain the exact dimensions required.
  • The curtain is ideal for moderate weather with a resistance to tears and abrasion.
  • 100% waterproof material with low UV resistance.
  • The curtain weighs approximately 18 oz and comes with 1-year warranty on the product.

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Waterproof and Highly Durable Clear Vinyl Curtains

Are you worried about your possessions and supplies becoming victims of the adverse weather? Do you need a protective shield against dust, rain, tears, and abrasion while ensuring a crystal clear view of the outdoor space? Our clear plastic vinyl patio curtains blend immaculately in your outdoor space, shielding you and your expensive furniture from inclement weather.

The curtains are made of 48 PHR ultra-clear PVC fabric designed to withstand the rigorous demands of long-term use. The versatile clear vinyl shower curtains are used in a plethora of places such as auto shops, shower areas, manufacturing factories, industrial kitchens, medical centers, etc.

The ultra-clear PVC fabric has low UV resistance that allows natural light to penetrate the curtain and gives a crystal clear view of the outdoor setting. The clear vinyl curtains for the outdoor patio align perfectly with your outdoor furniture and accessories. Its transparent color lends an aesthetic beauty that cannot be ignored and protects against dust, rain, debris, and unpleasant bird droppings.

You can enjoy the outdoor setting or have a clear view of your cars parked outdoors with clear vinyl patio curtains. The medium-weight curtain of 18 oz is portable and highly durable. You can shift the curtains easily multiple times without causing damage to the heavy-duty fabric. This incredible feature ensures you get maximum return on investment for the purchased product.

Tailor-made Curtains are equipped with Grommets for Easy Installation

Our clear vinyl winter curtains can be customized according to your specific requirements. The tailor-made curtains can be put up in narrow corners and wide berths. Make use of our measuring tool to help us create a customized curtain designed according to your needs. As an added advantage, we add a 1”-2” leeway for easy pull-in and pull-out.

The heavy-duty curtains come equipped with grommets for added protection and security. The grommets are also extremely beneficial for the installation and removal of the curtains as and when required.

Get Warranty Coverage on Clear Vinyl Porch Curtains

The clear vinyl curtains are made from premium quality fabric that can regulate temperature. It keeps excessive heat and chilly winters at bay thus providing an optimum temperature. To give you an added assurance about our superior quality curtains, we give you 1-year warranty coverage on the product.

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