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  • Industrial grade custom warehouse curtains are made-to-measure.
  • Ensure a safer & hygienic work environment by creating dust, rain, solar barriers.
  • Create privacy, temperature-controlled areas, and temporary partitions in minutes.
  • The Sewn-in chain at the bottom of the curtain can be added on demand (optional).
  • Grommet’s diameter is approx 15 mm,which may or may not be used to hang the curtains directly.

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Extremely Durable & Long Lasting Industrial-Strength Warehouse Partition Curtains

Security, control, and flexibility are the three key characteristics of a viable warehouse setup. After countless hours of study & research, we have created a highly flexible privacy & protective warehousing solution that incorporates all three of these crucial characteristics. Like our other quality-driven covering solutions, we take pride in offering you industrial-grade warehouse curtains. Forethought to fill your space management, temperature control, weather protection, and similar gaps, our premium-quality curtain walls offer security, control, and flexibility in myriad ways.  

Our extremely durable partition curtains can be used to create temporary yet highly functional partitions. They can create temperature-controlled zones within your indoor or outdoor warehouse facility. Or you can bring them to use by creating a weather-protection barrier, resulting in a safer and hygienic working environment. Our exceedingly functional and versatile warehouse curtains can be utilized in a variety of ways to accommodate your unique needs.

Covers & All industrial divider curtains are manufactured using the highest quality weather-resistant materials. We offer a selection of materials for different ambient conditions, ranging from semi-shaded, moderate, and extreme weather. You can conveniently choose a preferred curtain material depending upon the year-round climatic conditions in your region. However, all of our industrial-grade fabrics are engineered to withstand the ordeal of rainwater, UV rays, debris, mildew, and wear & tear. So, each one of them is highly durable and long-lasting.

With warehousing being a highly demanding industry, you can leave the space management, privacy, and weather element protection to our warehouse curtains. Since you have control over these temporary partitions, you have the flexibility to remove or change their setting as per your needs anytime. Plus, you can use them on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Curtains Tailored To Your Size & Usage Needs

We dream of making your online ordering as personal and customized as possible. Alongside the flexibility to select a preferred material, the customization goes further to fit your size and installation needs. Since every warehouse might have different curtain size preferences based on their space needs, we manufacture warehouse curtains tailored to your unique size requirements. Furthermore, you can enhance the functionality and style of your industrial curtain walls by adding grommets or 4” pockets along the bottom (open at both the ends), etc. at a small additional charge.

There’s more you can add to your fully functional curtains. You can use them for branding simultaneously while they do their job of protecting and partitioning your space.

Limit The Motion Or Swaying By Adding Weighted Sewn-In Chain

Adding a sewn-in chain at the bottom of the curtain adds weight to it, enhancing its strength and stability. The vertical chain along the bottom limits the curtain from swinging around, swaying, or blowing due to motion or windy conditions. The sewn-in chains will be added to the partitioning curtains on demand at a small additional charge. However, it is an entirely flexible and optional choice.

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