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Shop Standard Size Cushion & Pillow Covers for Utmost Protection

Nothing beats unwinding on your outdoor couch while admiring a picturesque evening. It’s imperative to protect your furniture with Covers & All Standard Size Cushion & Pillow Covers before Mother Nature takes a toll on your pristine beauty. The premium material used to design our cushion and pillow covers can sustain moderate weather conditions while adding aesthetics to the décor.

This category consists of outdoor pillow covers and cushion covers in durable fabric. They are available in multiple standard sizes, shapes and colors to suit your needs. The fabrics boast myriad properties that are safe from UV rays, dust, debris, tears, abrasions, mildew, and water. They come with a warranty for up to 2 years.

Get Cushion & Pillow Covers in Multiple Colors, Standard Sizes

From enlivening your setup to augmenting the protection, the cushion and pillow covers are a must-have for prolonging your outdoor décor's life.

Standard Sizes & Shapes: The cushion and pillow covers are available in not just one or two sizes but more than 5 sizes to suit your preferences. You can choose the most appropriate size according to the shape that offers a snug fit to your cushion/pillow.

Weatherproof Fabric: Our outdoor pillows are made of Cushion Rite and cushions are made of 100% polyester fabric. With upper PU coating, the fabric ensures water protection and resistance against everyday damage.

Water-Repellent: The water-repellence property of our cushion and pillow covers ensure ultimate protection from moderate weather conditions. They instantly repel the moisture leaving no trace of dampness or water damage that could potentially spoil the cushions.

UV-Protection: The covers are meticulously designed to protect the cushions from intense or direct sunlight that can degrade the cushion’s fabric in no time. The medium UV resistance does not let the harmful rays reach underneath the surface of the cushion cover, preserving the shine and color for a long time.

Mildew Resistant: Any trace of moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth which can result in marred and shabby furniture. Our mildew-resistant covers inhibit bacteria growth, keeping your cushions factory-new.

Tear & Abrasion Proof: Outdoor furniture has to go through a lot. Be it dust, debris, or more, their rugged usage can result in tears, abrasions, scuffs, slits, etc. This is where our tears and abrasion-resistant cover save the day. The durable material of the cushion and pillow covers does not get torn or scratched despite rugged usage.

Colors: From subtle hues to vibrant colors, our color options flawlessly blend with the décor. Choose from the multiple options that best complement your setup for a voguish appeal.

Buy Couch Pillow Covers Equipped with Sturdy Zipper Enclosure

Warranty: Reinforced with strength and durability, our covers are available with warranty coverage of up to 2 years.

Zippers: These cushion and pillow covers are equipped with sturdy zippers. They provide convenience of removing or placing the pillow whenever required.

Lightweight: Owing to a weight of 8 oz, these covers are easy to carry and store. You can easily handle them and store them in a confined space for your next use.

Tips: The covers are reusable and can be washed or cleaned easily. Pull them with care to prolong their life.

So, why wait? Buy these Standard Size Cushion Pillow Covers now and enjoy your outdoors with your favorite pals. Meanwhile, do check out our Ikat pillow covers on the website.

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