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Coversandall CarCover05 CarCover05 Buy the best SUV covers that are resistant to tear and abrasion and offer all-round security to your SUV car. Free shipping on all orders over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/s/u/suv-9.jpg

Custom-Fit SUV Covers For All-Round Protection

  • Premium covers customized for the SUV car model.
  • Highly-durable material with two fabric option.
  • The Duro Pro covers are for weatherproof experience.
  • The Duro Max covers are ideal for semi-shaded regions.
  • Comes with elastic tie-downs for extra layer of security.

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Shop for Tear and Abrasion-Resistant SUV Covers with Two Fabric Options

SUVs are famous for their comfort and adaptability to difficult terrains. Be it long drives, or holidays in the mountains, your SUV has always accompanied you. Your special car needs to be protected against grimy elements including dust, debris, bird droppings, and others. Understanding your needs, Covers & All brings to you its tear & abrasion-resistant SUV covers , that secure your favorite car from exterior elements.

The SUV covers are available in two types of fabrics—Duro Max and Duro Pro. Duro Max is a blend of polyester and spandex with 180 GSM knitting and 5 oz weight. The fabric is resistant to wrinkles with a stretchability ratio of 70:30. The fabric is low maintenance and is easily cleaned in a machine wash with cold water. The covers with Duro Max fabric are available in white color.

The 160 GSM non-woven Duro Pro fabric with 5 oz weight protects your SUV car from extreme weather conditions. The fabric protects your car from extreme rain, snow, sleet, or harsh sun with its waterproof and UV-resistant features. Further, your car is well-protected from electrostatic charges in the surrounding area because of the anti-static nature of our cover’s fabric. Being breathable, the fabric allows airflow and prevents overheating of your vehicle. The Duro Pro covers are available in brown and gray colors.

Both our covers are durable and keep your car in pristine condition for long, as they are resistant to any kind of tear and abrasion. In addition to this, our covers are resistant to harmful UV rays and thus protect your car from discoloration.

Tailor-Fit SUV Covers for Foolproof Experience

SUVs give you the most perfect experience and prioritize your comfort, no matter where you drive your car. A perfect car deserves a cover that is tailor-made as per its size. A perfectly-fitted car cover takes care of your car’s look along with safeguarding it from scratches and weather elements.

We provide custom-fit SUV covers in a hassle-free manner. Just submit the measurements of your car using our measuring guide in the space provided. And we will deliver the perfect-fit SUV cover that protects your car against harsh elements.

SUV Covers are Provided with Elastic Tie-Downs for Added Safety

The covers come with elastic tie-downs and a drawstring at the corners. Placement and removal of the covers become extremely easy with these elastic tie-downs. Adding an extra security layer for your car, they help protect your car especially on windy days. Don’t think twice! Buy these premium SUV covers online at Covers & All.

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