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Shield Your Vehicle from External Damages with Sedan Car Covers

  • Custom-fit covers give a guaranteed fit.
  • Available in stretchable and non-stretchable fabric.
  • Push clips in the middle for a snug fit.
  • Resistant to tears and abrasions.
  • Welded seams prohibit water seepage.

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Shop for Tear and Abrasion-Resistant Large Sedan Car Covers

Give protection to your treasured vehicle with our premium Sedan Car Covers. Our custom-fit car covers are illustriously designed to keep the external elements at bay. The UV-resistant fabrics come with push clips for secure closure and welded seams for enhanced durability

Duro Max for Semi-Shaded Covered Areas: The Duro Max is crafted from 5 oz stretchable fabric that is ideal for semi-shaded covered areas. It protects your vehicle from tears and abrasions and has a silky soft exterior.

Duro Pro for Outdoor Areas: The Duro Pro is designed from 5 oz non-woven material. It is waterproof and UV-resistant. Additionally, the anti-static property refrains from accumulating static electricity that may damage the electronic components of your car. Apt for outdoor areas, this highly durable fabric is non-stretchable.

Guaranteed Fit: Designed with precision in mind, the breathable covers can be customized to fit your unique vehicle. The dimension of the sedan car varies therefore we offer you the facility to get the cover customized. Input the car year, manufacturer, model, and body type and, get the customized cover. Get a Honda Accord car cover or Honda Civic car cover and many other covers designed specifically for sedans.

Waterproof Fabric Repels Moisture: The Duro Pro fabric protects your vehicle from unpleasant rainfall, surprise showers, and accidental water spillage. Duro Max is designed for covered areas and therefore used for areas that do not require water protection.

UV-Resistant: Duro Pro facilitates medium protection from UV radiation while Duro Max has no UV resistance. Excessive heat from the sun can sometimes lead to discoloration and soar the temperature of the vehicle. Duro Pro can prevent this occurrence.

Enhance Durability with Welded Seams: We use ultrasonic technology to seam our Toyota Corolla car cover or any other sedan cover. The welded seams prevent water seepage ensuring enhanced moisture protection. This makes the cover exterior highly durable.

Free Storage Bag: To prolong the shelf life of your Nissan Altima car cover or a cover for any other car, we give you a free-of-cost storage bag. This sturdy and resilient bag is used for storing the cover whenever it is not in use. It helps you save space as the cover can be stored in a compact space within a covered surface.

Push Clips for Snug Fit: The push clips in middle enhance protection by hugging your car snugly for complete coverage. Designed for different cars- the Audi A4 car covers or Hyundai Elantra car covers are designed with precision for a form-fitting look.

Stretchable & Super Soft: The Duro Max fabric comes in a 70% to 30% stretchability ratio that makes sheathing your vehicle effortless. The soft texture makes touching the fabric a pleasurable experience.

Warranty: We provide warranty coverage of up to 5 years on Duro Max fabric and up to 10 years on Duro Pro fabric for added assurance.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant: The fabric of the covers prevents damage by withstanding tears and abrasions. This ensures your vehicle remains free from scratches and scruffs keeping it in pristine condition.

Foldable and Lightweight Sedan Covers

Easily Foldable & Lightweight Covers: The lightweight Hyundai Elantra car covers are designed to fold easily. This helps to store them in a compact space when they are not in use.

Wrinkle-Resistant: If you own a Camry and require a Toyota Camry car cover for the shaded area then you should opt for our Duro Max fabric. Resistant to wrinkles, the covers give an immaculate and sleek appearance while shielding your car from dust and dirt.

Care Instructions for Large Sedan Car Covers

Washing Instructions for Covers: Our covers are designed for different sedan variants and require minimum effort for maintaining them. Our Hyundai Sonata car cover of Duro Max fabric can be machine washed in cold water. Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. Spin the covers inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Recommended to be washed 20 times only. For Duro Pro fabric just clean the surface with soft wet wipes. Avoid bleaching, washing, and drying at high temperatures.

Buy our premium-quality covers that can be customized according to the shape of your sedan for exterior protection.

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