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Keep Your Vehicle in Mint Condition with Pickup Truck Cover

  • Crafted from highly durable Duro Max & Duro Pro fabrics that resist weather.
  • Customize the size of the pick up cover as per the model’s unique design.
  • The weatherproof fabric is lightweight, tear-resistant, breathable & UV-resistant.
  • We provide warranty coverage of up to 5-10 years.
  • Anti-static Duro Pro material prevents your truck’s electrical componenets.

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Protect Your Vehicle from Tears and Abrasion with Pickup Truck Cover

A conventional and highly useful vehicle, pickup trucks are used for hauling miscellaneous items from one place to another. The versatile truck can be used for commercial purposes, passenger transport, and agricultural shipment. To keep this high utility vehicle in mint condition, we recommend using our tear and abrasion-resistant pickup cover.

The premium quality covers are available in two variants - Duro Max and Duro Pro. Both these fabrics weigh approximately 5 oz and come with 1-year of warranty coverage. The Duro Max fabric is made from a mix of polyester and spandex in a 70% and 30% stretchability ratio. The knitted 180 GSM fabric is wrinkle-free and suitable for semi-shaded areas only.

The Duro Pro is crafted from a non-woven fabric. The 160 GSM thick pickup truck back cover is water-repellant and highly UV-resistant. This protects your truck from extreme weather conditions that can impair your truck and cost you a fortune for its repair work. Its anti-static property refrains from accumulating static electricity that may damage the electronic components of your truck.

Over a period of time, the covers may become dusty. Don’t stress, as our Duro Max fabric can easily be washed in your washing machine. To keep the covers in pristine condition, we recommend you wash them with cold water so that it does not fade.

Custom-sized Pickup Covers for Your Unique Shaped Vehicle

Mother Nature may bring down surprising elements. It may be extremely sunny one day while the next day could have relentless rains pouring down over your stationary vehicle. To protect them from such inclement weather, we customize the size of the cover to fit the unique shape of your vehicle.

An ill-fitting cover can leave room for water seepage resulting in electronic damage. Make use of our measuring tool to guide you on how to take dimensions for your vehicle. We will deliver the exclusively designed cover that fits perfectly onto it. A leeway would be given for easy pull-in and pull-out.

Elastic & Drawstring Tie-Downs Keep Your Vehicle Snugly Covered

As elastic is stretchable, it is given as a tie-down to ensure the cover fits immaculately onto the unique shape of your vehicle. This also makes sheathing and unsheathing your truck a painless task. Along with elastic on all corners of the pickup truck back cover, we provide a drawstring to help tie the ends together. This locks the cover in place and keeps the vehicle covered even during stormy weather or heavy downpour.

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