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Sheath Your Monster Trucks with Premium Monster Truck Covers for Ultimate Protection

  • Covers are available in different fabrics, sizes, and colors. 
  • The robust covers weigh 160 GSM to 180 GSM.
  • The covers are suitable for shaded/semi-shaded areas and regions with extreme weather conditions.
  • Equipped with sturdy elastic at the bottom and Drawstrap for enhanced security. 
  • Offers up to 10 Years of warranty.
  • Ideal for covered spaces, the Duro Max fabric keeps dust and scratches at bay.


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Our UV-Resistant Monster Truck Covers Provide Utmost Protection 

If you are a motorsport enthusiast, there is nothing more thrilling than riding a monster truck and performing some amazing tricks. As the monster truck is a specialized off-roading vehicle, dust, dirt, and grime can mar its pristine look. To keep your favorite monster truck spotless and unsullied- perfect for the next recreation activity, Covers & All offers robust custom monster truck covers.

We offer monster truck covers in two different fabric options: Duro Max and Duro Pro. Our Duro Max is a high-quality fabric with 180 GSM weight. Made of 70% polyester and 30% spandex, the fabric is a durable blend of strength and stretchability. Weighing 160 GSM, our Duro Pro is a non-woven fabric that is breathable and waterproof. Perfect to shield your prized possession in shaded & semi-shaded areas and regions experiencing extreme weather, our covers promise overall protection from scratches, dust, bird dropping, unsightly dents, and more. 

Prolonged sun exposure, tree sap, animal deposits, and other chemical fallouts can not only damage your vehicle’s paint but adversely affect its premium appeal too. Offering low to high UV resistance, our monster truck covers help preserve the value of your vehicle by preventing it from fading, scratching, and cracking. Furthermore, our Duro Pro fabric is waterproof and breathable. They help the trapped moisture to evaporate quickly, leaving your truck dry and safe all Year round. Our covers act like sunscreen for your vehicle, blocking harmful UV light and preventing photo degradation. In addition, the covers offer better heat insulation as they allow heat to escape through the materials fast.

Considering the rugged usage the covers are put to, these wrinkle-free covers are designed to be tear and abrasion-resistant. These properties make the covers reusable. Just fold the covers and stow them for the next use. They won’t crease at the edges or get ripped even when stored for a long period of time. The wrinkle-free fabric won't crumple and stay as good as new every time you use it. 

Custom-Sized Monster Truck Covers are Ready to Use 

The exact fit of the covers is very important when seeking the best possible weather protection for your favorite monster truck. Give your monster truck a new lease of life with custom-sized covers that promise ultimate safety all season-round. Tailor-made to hug the silhouettes of your prized vehicle, the covers deter any intrusion from insects or rodents. The close-fitted covers can be easily placed and removed without the slightest hassle. 

To lend an urbane look to your monster truck, you can easily choose the hue that best suits your truck and adds to its aesthetic appeal. Depending upon the fabric, you can pick the hue. We offer white color in Duro Max fabric and brown and gray options in Duro Pro fabric. 

Equipped with Sturdy Tie-Downs, Monster Truck Covers Offer 10 Years Warranty

For a precise fit and firm grip, our monster truck covers come equipped with extra-strength elastic. The sturdy elastic provided at the bottom of the cover provides a snug fit and helps avoid any slipping or sliding of the cover. To further reinforce safety, we also offer a Drawstrap that can be clasped for added security. The Drawstrap help keep the cover in place even in the windy weather. Offering immense maneuverability, the elastic facilitates convenient usage too. Plus, our monster truck covers are backed by upto 10 Years warranty. So order now!

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