Sectional Covers


Sectional Covers

Sectionals, the Modern and Chic Alternative to Contemporary Sofas, Can Get Dirty Real Fast!

Sectionals sofas, available in an assortment of different colors, enhance the appeal of any room you put them. When placed inside the house, ensuring they remain dirt and debris-free is manageable. However, the real problem starts when you place the sectional chairs outdoors in the patio, porch, or by the swimming pool.

You Have to Take Measures to Prevent Your Brand New Sectionals from Looking Old and Dirty

You can cover the sectionals with one of our many sectional covers. We have sectional covers available for the following sectionals:

  • Sectional Armless Chair Cover
  • Corner Sectional Chair Cover
  • Modular Sectional Club Chair Cover
  • Right Arm Sectional Loveseat Cover
  • Left Arm Sectional Loveseat Cover
  • Modular Sectional Sofa Cover
  • Sectional Set Cover

We have designed our sectional covers to fit securely over right arm facing sectionals, left arm facing sectionals, sectional sets where you will be combining two or pieces together. Usually, homeowners place sectional sets and sectional loveseats inside the house. If you looking to decorate your outdoors with a corner sectional, right arm, or left arm sectional, it is essential you cover it.

How Sectional Covers Ensure Your Sectionals Remain in Top Condition?

We create our sectional covers using high quality and breathable material, thus making our covers water resistant, mold and mildew resistant, dirt- and dust-free, and UV resistant. Unlike other covers, we have lined our covers with an elastic hem so when placed over your sectional, the cover offers a snug and secure fit.

Don’t See the Size You Are Looking For? We’ll Customize It for You

We will customize the size of the sectional covers. All you need to do is send us the measurements and we will be right on it. For reference, we provide you with a “how to” measurement guide. Our sectional covers are an ideal option for resorts, hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, retail stores, and anyone who own one or more sectional sofas. Remember, by investing in our sectional covers, you are only increasing the lifespan of your sectionals.

Sectionals Chairs, Sofas, Loveseats, and Sets Are an Expensive Investment so Protecting Your Investment Makes Sense, Right?

When you have small children running around your expensive sectionals, you do not want to risk having your sofas spoiled by their little, dirty fingers thus more the reason for you to order our customizable sectional covers. If you are concerned they will look out of place or ruin the look of your décor, don’t be because our sectional covers are available in different colors. If you own a hotel, a resort, or store, you can customize the sectional covers with text with your choice of font and logo. Do not let your sectionals lose their appeal. Order our bespoke, high quality and water-resistant covers today.

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