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Coversandall ThrowPillow03 ThrowPillow03 Shop waterproof & UV-resistant throw pillows in round shape available in custom size. The weatherproof pillows are perfect to elevate your outdoors and add comfort. Get free shipping above $99.  https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/u/cushion-pillow-cover-round_1.jpg

Waterproof Custom Throw Pillows to Freshen Up Your Outdoors

  • Includes: (1) Pillow Cover (1) Pillow Insert
  • Our cover made of heavy-duty 100% solution-dyed/PVB backing polyester.
  • Comes with pillow inserts filled with 15 D, hollow silicon conjugated fiber.
  • Available in custom sizes to cater to a diverse range of requirements.
  • Personalize with a name, logo, artwork, or design for unique appeal.
  • Water-resistant & UV-resistant throw pillows suitable for indoors and outdoors.


$28.82 $28.82
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.00

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Heavy-duty Custom Throw Pillows are Waterproof & UV Resistant

From living room seating to hallway benches, and pretty much anything in the bedroom, incorporating a set of throw pillows is all you need to bring out the subtle design features in a space. Regardless of your decorating style—modern, traditional, cottage, or eclectic— throw pillows add a dash of color, and pattern to the mix. Covers & All offers cushy & trendy throw pillows made of weatherproof fabric that add some character without having to spend a lot. When looking to transform a boring house into a luxurious oasis, you can never go wrong with Covers & All’s throw pillows.

Designed to withstand moderate weather conditions, our throw pillows are made of heavy-duty fabric that is long-lasting. We offer two fabric options - Pillow Rite & Pillow Fab for the pillow covers. The Pillow Rite is crafted from 600D 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with one PU-coated side, while the Pillow Fab material is crafted from 600 D melange, PVB backing polyester. Whether it is rain, snow, strong gusts of winds, mildew, or mold, the robust cover fabrics of our throw pillows are mighty enough to endure inclement weather and outside elements - be it rain, snow, mold, mildew, dust, or dirt.

Best suited to both indoor and outdoor settings, our throw pillows are engineered to repel water and harmful UV radiation. The waterproof fabric of the throw pillows prevents moisture or water seepage and further prevents it from getting degraded in the long run. Since continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays can mar the quality of the throw pillows, the excellent UV resistance of our covers averts the pillows from appearing faded or jaded in the long run.

Weighing 8 oz to 12 oz, our custom throw pillows are extremely lightweight. They come with a feathery touch and feel as their inserts are filled with 15 D, hollow silicon conjugated fiber. The super lightweight fiber gives a cushy and comfy feel to the throw pillows, making them an ultra-comfortable accessory for the upholstery. Additionally, they are tear and abrasion-resistant. Even after a rugged use, they appear good as new. Even though our throw pillows are adorned with multiple weather-resistant features, it is best to protect them from dust and dirt for long-lasting use. To reinforce durability, our throw pillows are available with 2-3 years of warranty.

Get Custom Throw Pillows in Custom Sizes & Tie-Downs

Accent throw pillows available in custom sizes are a blessing in disguise! In a market full of throw pillows with fixed sizes, Covers & All’s customization service comes as a sigh of relief. Whether you want the accent throw pillows for your upholstery, bed, or outdoor seating, now you can explore the size options and deck your space according to your own whims. You just need to fill the exact dimensions of the throw pillows you require and get the pillow in the custom sizes delivered right to your doorstep. Follow our measurement guide for a hassle-free experience.

Along with custom sizes, you get the opportunity to choose the tie-downs according to your specific needs. Adding to the style & functionality, the covers of our throw pillows come with sturdy ties for enhanced security. You can aslo get the throw pillows equipped with zippers to add quick accessibility in terms of covering & removing the covers and ensuring the inserts remains safe inside the covers.

Add a Hint of Personalization to Round Throw Pillows for Distinctive Flair

Endow your living space with a unique character by adding a touch of personalization to your throw pillows. By embedding your name, logo, funny text, or quote to the throw pillows, you can easily incorporate your unique style into your home decor and elevate its appeal. Simply upload the artwork of your choice and get your round throw pillows in sync with your distinctive personality. If unable to upload the upload, design it yourself using our simple designing tool and we will get your personalized throw pillows delivered to your doorstep.

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