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Shop Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers to Freshen Up Your Space

Breathe a new life into your outdoor living space with Covers & All Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers. We provide both outdoor throw pillows and covers in premium fabrics and multiple color options. You can get outdoor throw pillows with cushy inserts too. Regardless of your setup, these striking throw pillow covers scream luxury and comfort. Designed to repel water, and resist tears, mildew, and UV rays, these sturdy outdoor pillow covers will go a long way.

You can customize them to your preferred sizing needs and can even personalize our best sellers for a distinctive appearance. Their precise fitting snuggly fits the silhouette of the pillows, rendering them with a classy and sleek look.

Our bestsellers include multiple-shaped pillow covers such as custom throw pillows in rectangle, custom throw pillows in square, and custom throw pillows in round shapes. You can also check out our wide range of printed pillow covers such as geometric throw pillow, Ikat throw pillow, hounds tooth throw pillow, and many more.

Tailor-Made Throw Pillow Covers in Premium Fabric are Perfect for Outdoor Setup

From amping up your outdoor living area to hallway setup and anything in between, these throw pillow covers flawlessly blend with any décor. Be it a conventional setup or an offbeat style, our throw pillow covers in custom sizes will bring out the best feature in the space.

Custom-Made: A set of right pillows has the power of altering the look of your space. If the pillow covers are too small or too large, they will make your room look frowzy. Bringing you the comfort of custom-sized pillows, our customization option lets you have perfectly fitted covers that provide a sleek and elegant look. Just follow our online size guide and input the dimensions accordingly.

Fabric: The pillows are available in three premium fabrics – Pillow Rite, Pillow Plus, and Cushion Prints. Ideal for moderate weather conditions, Pillow Rite and Cushion Print are made of lightweight 600 denier 100% solution dyed polyester fabric with one side PU coated. While Pillow Plus features 420 denier, 100% Olefin eco-friendly fabric with TPU coating.

Insert-Material: Designed to enhance your seating experience, the throw pillows come with cushion inserts featuring plush 15 D hollow silicon conjugated fiber insert. The comfy insert lends a soft and firm look.

UV-Resistant: Backed by UV-resistant fabric, our pillows are resistant to fades and discoloration. Hence, preserving your pillow from early aging and degrading.

Water-Repellent: The fabrics are designed to keep water elements at bay to add more life to the cover. Perfect for moderate weather conditions, the covers are safe from rain, snow, and all other water elements.

Tear & Abrasion Proof: The durable pillow covers are designed to be tear and abrasion resistant to prevent untimely signs of tears, abrasions, scratches, scuffs, slits, etc. Now you can easily keep them outdoors without worrying about mishandling or rugged usage.

Mildew Resistant: The covers are designed to safeguard the pillows from moisture, leading to bacterial breeding. Be it mold, mildew, or any other bacteria, the cover remains in immaculate condition all season round.

Zest Up Your Space with Personalized Design: Make an everlasting impression amongst your peers by personalizing your pillow cover with your name, a catchy text, or your favorite picture. The unique design of these pillows could be a conversational topic for visitors and friends. Personalization feature is not available for Pillow Plus fabric.

Buy Outdoor Pillow Covers with Seamless Zippers & Myriad Colors

Colors, Prints & Textures: With multiple colors, prints, and textures, you get a plethora of options to pick the most suitable option for your décor. The eclectic colors and prints when blended with décor exude a whimsical aesthetic and a charismatic appeal.

Zippers: The seamless zipper enclosure lays out a flawless look and adds an extra layer of protection to the pillow. Unzip the pillow as per your convenience to clean or change it whenever required.

Warranty Coverage: The outdoor pillow covers are available with warranty coverage of up to 2 to 3 years.

Bestsellers: Our bestsellers in ergonomic shapes add a subtle texture and flair to the setup. Be it throw pillow covers 20x20 or a throw pillow covers 18x18, the covers can be customized to your favor. When adorned with couches, chairs, or any type of furniture, these covers in square, rectangle, and round shapes add understated elegance. You can mix and match different-shaped pillows and enjoy the awe-inspiring aesthetics.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Outdoor Throw Pillows & Covers for your home and experience a beguiling experience with your friends and family.

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