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Coversandall ThrowPillow02 ThrowPillow02 Shop waterproof & UV-resistant throw pillows in square shape & custom size. The weatherproof pillows are perfect to elevate your outdoors and add comfort. Get free shipping above $99.  https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/s/q/square-pillow-covers-vector-image_1.jpg

Weatherproof Throw Pillow to Elevate Your Outdoors

  • Includes: (1) Pillow Cover (1) Pillow Insert
  • Our cover made of heavy-duty solution dyed/PVB backing polyester.
  • Pillow inserts comprise 15 D, hollow silicon conjugated fiber.
  • Available in custom sizes to meet varied needs.
  • Can be personalized with a name, logo, artwork, or design for unique appeal.
  • Water-resistant & UV-resistant throw pillows suitable for indoors and outdoors.

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Weatherproof Throw Pillows Made of Heavy-duty Polyester

Nothing beats throw pillows when looking for an ultimate aesthetic and functional accessory to immediately zest up your decor. The decorative throw pillows not only help anchor the color accent within the room but add a comfy cushion to your seat arrangements. Whenever looking for creating a cozy nook on your patio or living area, accent pillows play an important role. Since throw pillows are integral to an inviting decor, choosing them in waterproof & UV resistant fabric is significant. Covers & All brings to you the superior-quality throw pillows available in heavy-duty material that withstand inclement weather.

Our throw pillows are available in two fabrics: Pillow Rite and Pillow Fab. The Pillow Rite is made of 600D 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with one PU-coated side. The Pillow Fab material is crafted from 600 D melange, PVB backing polyester. Both the fabrics are designed to withstand moderate weather conditions. Be it rain, snow, strong gusts of winds, mildew, or mold, throw pillows are designed to sustain the inclement environment and stay good as new season-round.

Weighing between 8 Oz to 12 Oz, the lightweight fabric is easy to carry and port. The heavy-duty material is engineered to be tear & abrasion-resistant to prevent the throw pillows from getting frayed or unraveled even after rugged use. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the highly durable throw pillows come with a warranty of 2-3 years.

Our throw pillows come with soft inserts comprising 15 D hollow silicon conjugated fiber that lend a soft feel & texture to the pillows, making seating a comfortable experience. Our throw pillows are adorned with square shape - perfect to complement myriad sofa & bed shapes.

Throw Pillows are Available in Custom Sizes & Tie-Downs

Owing to their multi-purpose uses, the throw pillows are a blessing if available in custom sizes. From providing a cushion to furniture to augmenting the accent color scheme of your decor, throw pillows in myriad sizes help add dimension & texture to the aesthetics. Moreover, the precise size and fit of the cushions matter a lot when it comes to accentuating your living space. Therefore, we provide throw pillows in custom sizes so you can get the throw pillows in accordance with your specific needs.

Adding to the style & functionality of our covers is the choice of tie-downs and zippers. The tie-downs secure the covers in place while enhancing their style statement. The zippers add quick accessibility in terms of covering & removing the covers. Plus, they securely tighten the cover over the cushion, reinforcing the durability & protection.

Personalize Square Throw Pillows to Add Unique Character

We take pride in helping you build a sophisticated outdoor living space with its striking centrepiece - accent throw pillows. With our exclusive personalization service, you can give your outdoors a sense of uniqueness that reflects your personality. To personalize your throw pillows, simply add a logo or text such as a family crest or monogram in the center. Just upload the artwork to get it printed or follow our convenient-to-use design tool to create the design of your choice. So order now to flaunt your personalized throw pillows!

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