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Coversandall IndoorCushionCover02 IndoorCushionCover02 Looking for Square Indoor Cushion Covers that fit perfectly on your cushion? Shop the best custom indoor cushion covers for all types of furniture at Covers & All! Free shipping is available. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/s/q/square-cushion-cover_3.jpg

Get Square Indoor Cushion Covers in Custom Sizes for an Elegant Look

  • The size of the cover or cushion can be customized.
  • Cover fabric is a polyester material.
  • Insert material is 32D PU non-FR grade.
  • Get 4 varieties of fabric in different colors.
  • Offers up to 3 to 7 years of fabric warranty on color fading.

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Shop Durable Indoor Cushion Covers to Elevate the Ambience of Your Home

The changing season may compel you to change the look of your home. Use our minimalist yet sophisticated Square Indoor Cushion Covers to update the look. You can opt to buy covers or cushions for the back or the seat as per your requirement. Customize the size to your requirement and fill the space with comfort and style.

Customize the Size to Your Need: You can easily customize the size of your cushions or covers using our measurement tool. Input the customized dimensions in our measuring tool and get the customized product delivered to your doorstep.

Essential Elegance Fabric Protects from Moisture & Stains: The Essential Elegance fabric is made of 67% flat polyester fiber and 33% spun polyester fiber. It resembles the texture of woven chenille and corduroy. This fabric resists stain appearance. It also prohibits water permeation, keeping your space dry and protected.

Resilient Whisper Soft, Modern Muse, Velvet Bliss Fabrics: All 3 fabric variants are made of 100% polyester. Whisper Soft weighs about 410 GSM, Modern Muse weighs about 380 GSM, and Velvet Bliss weighs about 428 GSM. Modern Muse has a cotton velvety texture and is more durable than cotton. Velvet Bliss has a velvety texture that gives a smooth appearance.

Insert Material: The custom cushion covers come with the option of inserts. You can choose inserts for either the back or the seat. These inserts are made of 32D PU high resilience grade in non-fire-retardant form. The back inserts are made from the same fill material, except they are super soft.

Cushions/Covers for Seat or Back: The square-shaped cushions/covers are available for back support. You can also select cushions or covers for the seat where you sit. The choice for back or seat selection is yours to make.

Warranty for Assurance: We provide up to 3 to 7 years of fabric warranty against color fading (only when used indoors or in shaded areas).

Protection from Water & Stains: In the indoor space, accidental beverage spillage may happen occasionally. This may cause water damage and stains on the fabric. Use our Essential Elegance fabric to prevent any mishaps.

Ties & Zipper: We provide different tying options on the sides of the cover. You can choose a convenient side as per the visibility of the covers. You can also choose to add a zipper to facilitate easy usage and prevent children and pets from tearing the covers apart. The zippers are a little difficult to open compared to ties.

Our Custom Cushion Covers Come in Myriad Shades and with Optional Welting

Optional Welting: Welting resembles piping on fabric in cushions. They give firmness to the covers and protect them from rubbing against the surface. This option is available at a nominal cost and creates an elevated look for your space.

Fabric colors: Fabric colors may vary according to the fabric chosen. Essential Elegance offers different shades spanning from walnut wonder to raspberry sorbet. Modern Muse, Whisper Soft, and Velvet Bliss are available in ivory, cyan, caramel, Kelly green, etc. Luxe Art Leather is offered in ashen, baby powder blue, biscuit, etc.

Square Indoor Cushion Covers Have Hassle-Free Order Process

Simple to Order: Order processing at Covers & All is super convenient. Firstly, select whether you require a cushion or a cover. Next, select the cushion type- back or seat. Then, enter the customized dimensions in our measuring tool. Lastly, choose whether you require a zipper or tie. It's simple to place your order at Covers & All!

Buy these exceptionally beautiful accent square cushion covers. Change them every season to refine your space.

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