Bolster Straight Back Indoor Cushion Cover

Coversandall IndoorCushionCover04 IndoorCushionCover04 Looking for a Bolster Straight Indoor Cushion Cover that fits perfectly on your cushion? Shop the best custom indoor cushion covers for all types of furniture at Covers & All! Free shipping is available. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/b/o/bolster-straight-back-cushion-cover_2_1.jpg

Adorn Your Home with Bolster Straight Back Indoor Cushion Covers

  • Tailored to fit your specific size needs.
  • The cover is composed of polyester material.
  • Insert is crafted from 32D PU non-FR grade.
  • Available in 4 different fabrics with varying color choices.
  • Offers up to 3 to 7 years of fabric warranty on color fading.

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Shop Long Bolster Cushion Covers in Custom Sizes for a Perfect Fit

Refresh your home décor with exquisitely crafted Bolster Straight Back Indoor Cushion Covers. They elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom with their lush and lavish design. The covers are tailor-made to perfection for a glove fit.

Tailor-Made Covers: Our long bolster cushion covers come in customized sizes. Measure your cushions and covers, enter the values in the measurement tool, and get the customized product delivered to your doorstep.

Essential Elegance is Resistant to Water & Stains: Experience the perfect combination of practicality and refinement with our water and stain-resistant Essential Elegance fabric. It is composed of 67% flat polyester fiber and 33% spun polyester fiber and features a textured woven chenille and corduroy design.

100% Polyester Fabric: Whisper Soft, Modern Muse, and Velvet Bliss are composed of 100% polyester. Whisper Soft weighs approximately 410 GSM, Modern Muse boasts a cotton velvet-like texture at around 380 GSM, and Velvet Bliss offers a sumptuous velvety feel with a weight of just 428 GSM.

Insert Material: We offer the flexibility to choose between purchasing just the insert or the cushion covers. Our backrest cushion inserts are made from 32D super soft PU high resilience grade material in a non-fire-retardant form for added comfort.

Warranty Assurance: We provide up to 3 to 7 years of fabric warranty against color fading (only when used indoors or in shaded areas).

Protection from Water and Stains: Experience peace of mind with our water and stain-repellent Essential Elegance fabric, which effectively prevents moisture seepage and staining. By keeping your covers safe from damage caused by spills and moisture, our protective covers maintain a tidy appearance.

Our Bolster Pillow Covers are Available with Welting and color Options

Visually Appealing Welting Option: Our custom cushion covers elevate the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. You can add welting at the top or bottom position for a sleek and stylish finish. Enjoy the added benefits of both visual appeal and practicality with welting on your cushion covers.

color Range: Select from a range of sophisticated hues to customize your Bolster Straight Back Indoor Cushion Covers with our five fabric variants. The fabric is available in colors such as ashen, walnut wonder, ivory paisley pattern, deep sea, cyan, and more. These vibrant color options allow you to add a pop of personality to any space.

Get Custom Cushion Covers with Ties and Zipper Options

Ties & Zipper Option: Customize your covers with our optional ties available at a nominal cost. You can choose to add ties or zippers to different sides of the covers, providing easy access from any angle. While ties offer convenience, zippers add an extra layer of security, preventing children and pets from opening and playing with the covers.

Buy our bolster cushion covers in custom sizes that allow you to add vibrancy to any space with their presence.

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