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Transform Your Space with Custom Indoor Cushion Covers! Create Your Perfect Oasis Today!

Adding a cushion in different shapes at any place can bring comfort and coziness to your home. Elevate the comfort and decorative element with Custom Indoor Cushion Covers. They add a pop of color to your place while ensuring a precise fit for your cushions.

The cushion covers are available in custom sizes. This allows you to modify the size of the covers as per the requirement. You can easily input the customized sizes in our measuring tool for a customized product. Browse through our bestselling products including rectangle indoor cushion covers, square indoor cushion covers, round indoor cushion covers, and many more.

Along with customization in size, you can add ties or zipper for easy accessibility. The indoor cushion covers are available in brilliant shades to complement your indoor setting. You can choose from 5 different fabric variants that are composed of polyester material.

Embrace Uniqueness with Custom Cushion Covers in Your Desired Shapes & Colors!

Our covers are available in alluring shades that will enhance your indoor space. Our 5 different fabric variants made from polyester vary in weight and come in different hues. You can select the shade that will blend seamlessly or elevate your décor with its contrast.

Size Customization: We offer the chance to customize the size of our covers as per your need. You can get help from our measuring guide to understand the dimension requirements. After measuring the dimensions, you can input the sizes in our measuring tool for a customized product.

Heavy-Duty Fabrics: Our range of robust fabrics includes 5 different variants- Essential Elegance, Whisper Soft, Modern Muse, Velvet Bliss, and Luxe Art Leather. All the variants are made from polyester material. Our versatile covers serve multiple purposes, you can use them as rocking chair cushion covers, sofa cushion covers, etc.

Different Shapes: Our cushion covers are available in different shapes such as rectangle, triangle, V-shape, L-shape, square, round, cube, half-round, and bolster. You can choose the shape to fill up your space accordingly.

Insert Material: We offer you a choice between inserts and cushion covers to reduce unnecessary product consumption. The inserts for the seat and backrest cushions comprise 32D PU high resilience grade material which is non-fire-retardant. The back and seat cushions are only available for rectangle, square, and round indoor cushion covers.

Water & Stain Repellent: Our Essential Elegance fabric comprises 67% flat polyester with 33% spun polyester. This makes the fabric formidable against moisture damage and stain marks. Our custom cushion covers will remain insusceptible to accidental spill damage.

Optional Welting: The covers come with optional welting for top and bottom sides. They will help protect your covers from abrasing and enhance their aesthetic appeal. You can get the same option for outdoor cushion covers for a decorative look.

Warranty Coverage: We extend warranty coverage of up to 1 year on our covers.

Experience Hassle-Free Ordering for Your Personalized Indoor Cushion Covers

Our cushion covers come with ties and a zipper option for secure closure. You can customize their placement on any side of the cushion and cushion covers for easy accessibility. We also offer a zipper and ties for various patio furniture covers. You can go through the options to choose the appropriate style.

Our order process is simple and easy, just follow the steps given below to place your order:

  1. Select whether you need cushions or covers.
  2. Select the type of cushion- back or seat (applicable for rectangle/square/round)
  3. Enter the customized sizes in the measuring tool.
  4. Select the type of fabric and color.
  5. Add zipper or ties (optional)

You can add the product to your cart and place your order! It’s effortless to order customized products at Covers & All. So, shop now!

FAQs for Indoor Cushion Covers

Q. How much bigger should a cushion cover be than the cushion ?

A. As a general guideline, it's recommended to use a cushion inner that is 1-2 inches larger than the cushion cover. This ensures a plump appearance and maintains the cushion's shape effectively, resulting in a properly filled and comfortable cushion.

Q. What is good fabric for indoor cushion covers ?

A. When it comes to cushion covers, the best fabric choice depends on your personal preferences. At Cover&all, we offer a variety of options, including Cotton Velvet, Velvet, Chenille, and Corduroy cushion covers, all designed to give a breathable and luxurious look to your interior.

Q: How do I choose the right size of indoor cushion cover?

A: To find the perfect fit, measure your cushion's length, width, and thickness. Select a cover with dimensions slightly larger than your cushion to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Q: How do I clean indoor cushion covers?

A: Most cushion covers are machine washable. Follow the care instructions on the label or use a gentle cycle with cold water. For delicate fabrics, consider hand washing or spot cleaning to maintain their appearance.

Q: Can I use indoor cushion covers outdoors as well?

A. Indoor cushion covers are typically not designed to withstand outdoor elements such as rain and sun exposure. However, if you want to use your indoor cushion outdoors, you can do so by placing it inside an Outdoor Cushion Cover specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Q: Are cushion covers sold individually or in sets?

A. At Cover&all, you have the flexibility to purchase the exact number of cushion covers you need, tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we offer the option to buy cushion covers in bulk, allowing you to enjoy attractive discounts on your order.

Q: How do I change an indoor cushion cover easily?

A: Most cushion covers have a zipper closure, making them easy to remove and replace. Open the zipper, slide out the cushion, insert a new one, and then close the zipper securely.

Q: Can I customize indoor cushion covers with my own designs?

A: Yes, we provide custom indoor cushion covers, where you can either upload your designs or choose from a selection of patterns and colors to create personalized cushion covers.

Q: How can I prevent indoor cushion covers from fading?

A: To preserve the colors and prevent fading, keep the cushions away from direct sunlight. If possible, rotate or change the positions of the cushions regularly to distribute the wear and tear evenly.

Q: Can I use different types of indoor cushion covers together?

A: Mixing and matching cushion covers with different patterns, textures, and colors can create an interesting and eclectic look. Just ensure they complement each other and fit well with your overall decor style.

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