Outdoor sofa with cushions

Warmer weather means it’s time to open up your home's outdoor living space as the central location to entertain friends and family this summer. No matter the size of your patio and its environs, having sophisticated and stylish furniture that is both comfortable and functional is critical. Just as important are the essential accessories for adding splashes of color and elegance. That can be a lot to unpack and feel like a big investment of time and resources. By planning ahead to ensure practicality and warm relaxation, however, you can ease feeling overwhelmed and instead embrace the opportunity to indulge the interior - or exterior - designer within.  

Consider Countless Possibilities

The first step in creating an outdoor retreat is choosing a design scheme. There are countless style guides to peruse for inspiration, and many of them will encourage you to consider your surroundings when visualizing an aesthetic. Create synergy with your indoor spaces by choosing pieces that coordinate and complement the interior designs of your home. If your living room is decked out in warm colors, outdoor pillow and cushion covers in similar shades will reflect your interior design choices perfectly. Got a pool in your backyard? Perhaps an aquatic color scheme will fit right in with the pool floats and diving board. Taking your surroundings into account will help transform your outdoor living room into a design paradise worthy of envy.

Size it Up

Size it Up

Variety is the spice of life, and the same could be said for your outdoor furniture. No matter what size or shape you buy, custom cushion covers add the panache you need to stylize your space. You can even get a custom papasan cushion cover; don’t limit your creativity. Backyard couches and chairs can be kept fresh by accessorizing with fun pillow covers, throws, and cushion covers. Keep in mind that having a wide variety of sizes to choose from makes accessorizing that much simpler while adding vertical and bulky style elements. 

When it comes to what goes on top of your couch, sofa, lounge or chair, different shapes and sizes give you a multitude of elegant style options. Larger statement pillows help to anchor your design scheme, while small accent pillows are versatile and can be utilized wherever a pop of color is needed. Even ordering a large 24 x 24 pillow cover is a snap. You can even get a bolster cushion cover for those sofa bolsters. Think style first. Beautiful, sophisticated tailor-made custom pillow covers add a wide variety of possibilities to your style game. Having a number of different sizes of pillows at your disposal makes it easy to switch up your design scheme when the mood strikes without having to shell out for more accessories as well. And with fashionable outdoor-friendly pillow covers on hand, you can rest easy knowing that your stylish accent pillows are safe from the wrath of Mother Nature. 

Material Fun

Material Fun

The material your outdoor cushions and pillows are made of is just as important as their indoor counterparts - perhaps more so. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and there are quite a few options available, each with their own pros and cons. Cost effective furniture often has cushions made of materials such as vinyl. These are easy to clean and maintain but are often uncomfortable to sit on and prone to overheating in the sun. The pricier options are made with high quality materials, but these are also less adaptable to harsh weather and sun. The easiest solution is to find the pieces you like and find comfortable, then add tailor-made outdoor cushion covers to add style and all-weather fortitude to withstand the elements. That way, no matter what you end up choosing for your backyard cushions, you are sure to be pleased.

Comfort Is Key

When we step outside for some much-needed relaxation in the great outdoors, the last thing we want to have to deal with is uncomfortable furniture. Your backyard sofas and lounge chairs should be just as supportive and cozy as what you have sitting in your living room. Making sure you have high quality cushions and pillows to accompany your outdoor furniture makes all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping you comfortable when relaxing after work. Opt for foam or polyfill inserts for your pillows and cushions as opposed to down feathers, which will fare poorly in the outdoors and leave you with ruined pillows. For cushions, you will want to find some that are as sturdy as they are comfortable so they can withstand extended use without losing their cozy factor. 

Shaping Up

Much like the size of your pillows and cushions, shapes are a key element in your outdoor design scheme. Squares and rectangles are the standard shapes offered for most pillows, but who’s to say you can’t think outside the box with your design choices? Oval, circle, and diamond shaped pillows can be found through many outdoor design retailers. Mix and match some more uncommon shapes in with your standard square pillows for a design scheme that’s eclectic but not jarring to the eye. And if you have a uniquely shaped furniture piece in your backyard living room, there’s a cover that fits its cushion like a glove, thanks to custom cushion covers that are both water repellent and UV resistant for use in every climate.