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Coversandall Canvastarp02 Canvastarp02 Shop for customize round shape canvas tarps made of tear & abrasion resistant, mildew resistant and water repellent. Our round canvas tarps comes with tie down grommets. Get free shipping on all orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/0/1/01_1.png

Utilize Custom-fit Round Shape Canvas Tarps for Outdoor Protection

  • Made of 550 GSM, 28 mil thick poly-cotton canvas.
  • Customize the size to fit your requirements.
  • Resistant to mildew, water, tears, & abrasion.
  • Wax-coated canvas repels moisture.
  • Grommets facilitate easy installation.

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Shop for Heavy-Duty Round Shape Canvas Tarps for Moisture Protection

Your outdoor equipment and supplies may be vulnerable to damage by inclement weather. Use our custom-fit Round Shape Canvas Tarps to protect any circular objects like swimming pools, fisheries, baseball mounds, haystacks, etc. These tarps shield from dirt, dust, water damage, mildew, tears, and abrasions.

Resilient Material: The round canvas tarps are crafted from 550 GSM, 28 mil thick poly-cotton canvas material. It is treated with wax to fortify protection against moisture and mildew. This heavy-duty canvas material weighs approximately 16 oz.

Modify the Size to Your Needs: Customize the size of the tarps to meet your requirements. Enter the modified values in the measuring tool to get the customized product as per your requirement and for perfect protection from the elements.

Water-Repellent Tarps: The tarp is exposed to natural elements such as rain, snow, and sleet. Moisture permeation may damage the canvas material impacting its performance. Our water-repellent tarps block the moisture from seeping through the canvas to a certain extent. However, water pooling on top of the tarp may lead to seepage that can damage your supplies underneath.

Mildew-Resistant Material: Prevent the growth of mold and algae that can release a potentially foul odor and damage the fabric weaves. A warm and wet climate is the breeding ground for mildew growth. Our wax-treated custom round shape canvas tarps avert this potential danger by slowing the growth or eliminating it.

Protects from Tears & Abrasions: The Canvas Tarp is exposed to outdoor elements, making it vulnerable to damage from regular wear and tear. Our tear and abrasion-resistant material ensures the tarp does not sustain scratches and scruffs that can deteriorate the quality and result in poor performance.

Use Round Shape Canvas Tarps with Grommets for Easy Maneuvering

Flexible & Foldable: Superior flexibility ensures the canvas tarps for round shape can be maneuvered with minimum effort. This easy folding ability enhances its protection for your supplies as they can be covered securely from end to end.

Grommets for Easy Installation: The round shape canvas tarps with grommets facilitate hassle-free installation. It also adds weight to the tarp to improve wind resistance. Gusty winds may flap the tarp incessantly, exposing your supplies to outdoor elements. Grommets prevent this misfortune and protect your supplies completely.

Our Round Canvas Tarps Come with the Assurance of Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage: Our canvas tarps for sale go through a rigorous process of quality checks before being dispatched to the final customer. However, if you encounter manufacturing defects, you can claim a warranty on your product subject to terms and conditions. The tarps come with warranty coverage for up to 1 year.

Buy these quintessential Canvas Tarps to protect your equipment and supplies from dust, dirt, debris, rain, mildew, tears, abrasions, and bird droppings.

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