L Shape Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

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Weather-Friendly L Shape Pool Covers ? Left/Right Corner Steps Keep Your Pools in Great Shape

  • Suitable for all weather conditions, the covers weigh about 5 oz.
  • Comes with accessories and a storage bag at no additional cost.
  • Make sure to stand at the shallow end, facing the deep end for correct measurements of the pool cover.
  • In case of obstructions, upload your pool's image for a custom-fit finish.
  • Refer to the installation guide for a quick and easy set up.

Select Your Shape

L Shape Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

L Shape Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

  • L Shape Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

    L Shape Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

  • L Shape Pool Cover - Center Steps

    L Shape Pool Cover - Center Steps

  • L Shape Pool Cover - No Steps

    L Shape Pool Cover - No Steps

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Shield Your Pools from Dust & Dirt with L Shaped Pool Covers

An L-shaped pool is the best way to show off your architecture. The unique structure of the L shape pool saves floor space and utilizes it in such a way as to enhance your backyard. When left uncovered for a long duration, the water may become muddy and dusty. Shield your pool from unwanted outdoor elements with our L Shape Pool Covers ? Left/Right Corner Steps.

The covers are made of Cover Lite material which comprises a breathable knitted fabric of 400 denier. Weighing approximately 5 oz, the L shaped pool covers are suitable for all weather conditions. Highly resistant to UV rays, the covers don?t fade easily and remain in mint condition for a long time. It provides 85% UV blockage that helps in colorfastness.

The inground L shaped pool covers are designed to withstand all weather conditions. So, whether it?s sunny, windy, or snowy, the covers will shield your pool from all these elements. They are made for sheathing the wide area of the pool and the left/right corner steps. These steps are used for entering the pool safely and need to be sheathed properly.

The inground pool covers are resistant to tears and abrasions. This prolongs their shelf life as they can withstand chafing and rubbing. The covers come with a warranty of 2 years giving you assurance about the premium quality of our products.

Customize the Swimming Pool Covers to Suit Your Requirements

The fitting of a cover depends largely on the dimensions of the product. Our pool cover for L shaped pool comes with an option for customization. You can get a perfect cover that shields the pool from edge-to-edge, just input the values in our measuring tool and get the customized product delivered to your doorstep.

Along with an option to customize the size of the product, we also offer brass grommets on the cover. These grommets add strength and help in installation. As they are rustproof, they will not corrode easily even when submerged in water

Installation Accessories Simplify the Installation of L Shaped Pool Covers

The custom swimming pool covers come with optional installation accessories. This simplifies the process of ordering accessories from other places. You get a one-stop solution that helps in the installation of covers. These accessories include a brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminum tamping tool, and installation rod.

Our covers ensure optimum coverage and maximum protection only when they are properly installed. For impeccable installation, please refer to our pool installation guide

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