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Promote Durability & Comfort with Triangular Bean Bag Cover

  • Made from eco-friendly olefin fabric with TPU coating.
  • Protects from mildew, water, UV rays, tears, & abrasions.
  • Dual zippers are provided to ensure child safety.
  • Available in 3 different standard sizes.
Patio Plus
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Shop Water-Repellent & UV-Resistant Triangle Bean Bag Chair Covers

The plush look of a bean bag extends to the entire room. Our fixed-sized Triangular Bean Bag Covers offer comfort while emanating a contemporary vibe to the entire sitting area. The covers are resistant to water, UV rays, tears, mildew, and abrasions, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Eco-Friendly Fabric: The Patio Plus fabric is made of 420 deniers, 100% Olefin with TPU coating. Olefins are made from completely recyclable polyolefins that strengthen the fabric’s colorfastness, resistance to mildew formation, and staining.

Standard Sizes: The outdoor triangle bean bag covers come in 3 standard sizes. You will require about 1 kg of beans for 45'' X 45'' X 22.5" h cover. For 55' x 55' x 27.5' size, you will require about 2.5 kgs of beans for a form-fitting look. For the last size variant (59" X 59" X 29.5"h), you will need approximately 3 kgs of beans.

Water & UV-Resistant: The harsh weather may bring with it unpredictable rains or excessive UV radiation. Our water-repellent large triangle bean bag cover prevents seepage of moisture keeping the cover dry and safe. UV radiation can result in discoloration of the covers. Our covers retain their colorfastness ensuring longevity and a pristine look.

Resistant to Tears & Abrasions: Scratches and scruffs on the covers may impair its performance. Use our tear and abrasion-resistant triangle bean bag lounge covers that prevent rips and frays. This will maintain the exterior appearance of the covers for a long time.

Protection from Mildew: The covers are made from recyclable olefin fabric that is known for inhibiting mildew growth. Mold and algae are responsible for the disintegration of fabric. Our covers prevent mildew from spreading and growing. If you require mildew-resistant covers in customized dimensions, browse through our custom covers category for the perfect fit.

Child-Safety Zippers: Children enjoy lounging on bean bags. They may accidentally spill the beans causing damage to your lounging space. Our covers are equipped with YKK double zipper for child safety. Additionally, we extend a spill free bean-filling technique secured with a drawstring for extra caution.

Our Large Triangle Bean Bag Covers with Access Handles are Easy to Maintain

Access Handles for Portability: The covers come with access handles that make carrying the bag from one location to another extremely convenient. Use the handles to easily remove the covers for washing it at regular intervals. If you have a recliner, we suggest using our recliner covers that will keep dust and dirt away from your precious furniture.

Cleaning & Maintenance: Our washable triangle bean bag covers are easy to maintain and clean. Simply wash them with water and a mild cleaning agent for a factory-fresh look.

Our Triangle Bean Bag Covers Online are Available in Two Color Options

2 Variants of Colors: The covers are available in 2 classic shades- beige and gray. Both shades blend seamlessly well with the aesthetics of your surrounding area. Get matching chair covers for a naturally cozy look. Order them from the comfort of your home at Covers & All and get doorstep delivery of your products.

Buy our standard-sized bean bag covers for an aesthetically appealing and vibrant look. The covers are apt for outdoor and indoor usage as they are resistant to weather elements.

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

55'' X 55'' X 27.5"

2.580 kg

59" X 59" X 29.5"

3 kg

45'' X 45'' X 22.5"

1 kg

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