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Get Comfortable & Trendy Sectional Bean Bag Covers for Your Home Aesthetics

  • Covers are resistant to water, mildew, & UV rays.
  • Features comfortable backrest, handle, & pockets.
  • Ensure max. child safety with dual zippers.
  • High-tensile strength cover is non-abrading & tearproof.
  • Choice of colours, fixed sizes & 3 years of warranty on the cover.
Patio Plus
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Shop Trendy Sectional Set Bean Bag Covers Online for Comfort

What’s better than a portable and luxurious sectional bean bag that instantly maximizes seating area? We provide Sectional Set Bean Bag Covers that are designed to resist moisture, water, tears, abrasions, and UV rays. You can insert beans as per your requirements and enjoy a brand-new bean bag for years. They are available in two neutral hues and standard sizes.

Weather-Resistant & Eco-Friendly Fabric: Upgrade your outdoor relaxation with our high-quality bean bag covers made from Patio Plus fabric featuring 100% Olefin with 420 deniers and a TPU coating. Providing weather resistance and protection against mildew, stains, and discoloration, the fabric is highly enduring and long-lasting.

Water & Heat Resistant: Designed to withstand rain, intense sun, dust, debris, and snow, our bean bag covers stay dry and safe. The UV-resistant property preserves colorfastness, ensuring a pristine look. Our bean bag covers provide reliable protection in all weather conditions.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Our tear and abrasion-resistant fabrics preserve the integrity of your sectional couch covers. These durable covers are safe from rips, frays, and damage caused by scratches and scruffs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Mildew-Resistant: Our olefin fabric-based bean covers exhibit mildew-resistant properties that safeguard against bacterial growth. The solid cover prevents mould, mildew, or rotting, keeping your cover in impeccable condition always.

Pre-Defined Sizes: These large sectional set bean bag covers are available in two standard sizes. You can choose the size according to your bean weight. If the bean weighs 3.3 kg, our couch bean bag cover with 26'' X 33'' X 35''h dimensions will be apt for it. For a bean weighing 3 kg, our 30'' X 33'' X 35''h will make for a perfect fit.

Convenient Pocket for Storage: The covers are thoughtfully designed with built-in pockets, providing convenient storage options. Our covers are also available with convenient pockets. We also provide convenient pockets with our chair covers.

Rice-Stitching: The covers are designed with rice-stitching that offers extra support and amplifies the attractiveness of the furniture.

Enhance Your Home Aesthetics with our Sectional Couch Cover in 2 Classy Hues

Color Palette: The sectional couch covers are available in two classy color options - beige and gray. These neutral shades flawlessly blend with any setting, adding an exquisite appeal to your space.

Access Handle: Conveniently carry and handle your bean bag with our easy access handles. Designed for easy transportation from one place to another without assistance, these handles also make it simple to remove or install the cover for washing or changing.

Easy to Maintain Large Sectional Set Bean Bag Cover

Hassle-Free Maintenance: Featuring spill-proof properties, these washable sectional set bean bag covers are easy to maintain. Just use a mild cleaning agent and water to effortlessly restore your outdoor furniture to a pristine look. That’s it! You have a factory-new like cover.

So, why wait? Buy these Full Sectional Set Covers and enjoy a hassle-free life.

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.

Product Name



Beans Required

Lounger Bean Bag Cover

26" x 55" x 35"


4.8 kg

Couch Bean Bag Cover

26'' X 33'' X 35''


6.6 kg

Foot Stool Bean Bag Cover

26" X 26" X 17"


1.8 kgs

Circular Bean Bag Cover

20'' X 15''


0.6 kg

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