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Get Support for Your Arms & Back with Pivot Bean Bag Cover

  • Crafted from olefin fabric with TPU coating.
  • Eco-friendly fabric resists tears, abrasions, and mildew.
  • High-tensile strength cover resists water & UV damage.
  • Covers have dual zippers and a pocket.
  • Available in 3 different standard sizes.
Patio Plus
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Shop Tear & Abrasion-Resistant Pivot Bean Bag Chair Cover for Lasting Comfort

The pivot shape extends ultimate support to your arms and the upper half of the body. Its linear look makes it a popular choice. Our standard-sized Pivot Bean Bag Cover is ideal for usage indoors and outdoors as it can resist moisture, mildew, tears, abrasions, and UV radiation. The cover extends child safety with its dual zippers in YKK format.

Patio Plus Fabric is Eco-Friendly: The Patio Plus fabric is a sustainable choice as it is made from recyclable olefin material that comprises polyolefins. It is made of 420 deniers, 100% Olefin with TPU coating. This fabric makes the large pivot bean bag covers colorfast, mildew-resistant, and stainproof.

Fixed Sizes: Our covers are available in 3 standard sizes. Our 48" X 36" X 36"h size would require approximately 1.2 kg of beans. For 55" X 40" X 40" h size, order about 1.8 kg of beans. In the large size (60" x 43" x 43" h), you would need about 2.4 kg of beans. Place an order for custom covers if you need covers designed according to your requirements.

Protection from Moisture & UV Radiation: The outdoor elements can damage the exterior appearance of the covers. Unpredictable rains and intense sunlight may be responsible for dampness and discoloration, respectively. Use our water & UV-resistant outdoor pivot bean bag covers that inhibit moisture seepage and keep sun damage at bay.

Protection from Tears & Abrasions: Ordinary covers may be susceptible to scratches and scruffs making a tarnished appearance. Our tear and abrasion-resistant pivot bean bag lounge cover keeps them intact by protecting itself from sharp objects and surface rubbing. The fabric protects itself from sustaining rips, ruptures, and frays.

Safety from Mildew Formation: Our pivot bean bag covers online exhibit tremendous resistance to mildew formation. Mildew on fabric can disintegrate and emit a foul odor. If you require mildew-resistant rocking chair covers, browse through our listing for the same.

Our Large Pivot Bean Bag Covers are Equipped with Access Handles & Zippers

Pocket & Child-Safety Zippers: The rice-stitched bean bag comes equipped with a convenient pocket and dual YKK zippers. Children may accidentally spill the beans, make a mess, or slip on the fallen beans. The dual zipper prevents bean spillage, always ensuring child safety.

Access Handles Ensure Easy Maintenance: We facilitate access handles for easy portability of the bean bag from one place to another. The washable pivot bean bag covers are easy to maintain. Use water and a mild detergent to keep covers spick and span.

Outdoor Pivot Bean Bag Covers are Available in Gray and Beige Color Variants

Color Variants: Our bean bags are available in two neutral shades- gray and beige. The two shades harmonize perfectly with the visual appeal of your surrounding environment. For a naturally comfortable ambiance, consider getting chair covers that match. Place the order from the comfort of your home and get doorstep delivery for your products.

Buy our exceptional and convenient bean bag covers that combine style and functionality. Add these standard-sized covers to your cart and enjoy the benefit of lounging comfortably.

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

55" X 40" X 40"


60" X 43" X 43"


48" X 36" X 36"


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