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Use our Durable Foot Stool Bean Bag Cover for Lasting Comfort & Style

  • Available with 7oz, water-repellent Patio Plus fabric.
  • Covers provide excellent tear, UV & mildew protection.
  • Our material comes with up to 3 years' warranty.
  • Sturdy zipper closure is available for enhanced safety.
  • Easy to maintain using water and a mild detergent.
Patio Plus
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Buy Foot Stool Bean Bag Covers Online for Year Long Lounger Protection

Resting your leg on a footstool undoubtedly becomes the need of the hour after a tiring day. However, heavy usage can damage them over time. Use our Foot Stool Bean Bag Cover to keep them in great shape. They are manufactured from high-quality materials to offer unmatched durability. Easy to use and maintain, they save you time and energy on repairs and replacements. Get them in different sizes and colors on our website today!

High-Quality Fabric: We use premium-quality Patio Plus fabric to manufacture washable foot stool bean bag covers. Our durable fabric takes on challenging external conditions effortlessly and prolongs the stool's life. Moreover, it weighs 7oz making the covers easy to handle and maintain. Please note that we offer up to 3 years of warranty on our fabric.

Eco-Friendly Material: Our foot stool bean bag lounge covers aim to reduce your environmental footprint by featuring 100% Olefin eco-friendly fabric with a TPU coating.

Safe from Water Spills: Spilling water on your footstool accidentally can hinder their functioning. Thanks to our water-repellent fabric, you can keep your soft furniture functioning like new for years. Our material doesn't let water damage your bean bag foot stool by repelling it upon falling on the surface.

UV Resistant: Harmful UV rays have the potential to cause damage to your furniture items, leading to fading or even discoloration. However, you can avoid this by switching to our UV-resistant foot stool bean bag covers online. We also offer a wide range of UV-resistant chair covers to protect your chairs at all times.

Mildew Resistant: Don't let the moisture take over your furniture, making it susceptible to decay. Get our high-quality mildew-resistant bean bag covers and keep your furniture mold-free.

Get Foot Stool Bean Bag Covers Online in Different Sizes for all Your Needs

Standard Sizes: At Covers & All, our high-quality bean bag covers for your footstool come in different pre-defined sizes, like 26" X 26" X 17" h and 33" X 33" X 17" h. Looking for covers for your other furniture too? Head to our custom covers section and get a tailor-made covering solution today!

Zipper Closure: Our high-quality foot stool bean bag covers online have a durable zipper closure for child and pet safety. The zipper keeps the beans intact during rough handling by kids, and it facilitates easy installation and removal during cleaning.

Order Your Washable Foot Stool Bean Bag Cover Today at Covers & All

Shop Today: Are you looking to order our top-notch foot stool bag covers online? Well, our easy order process saves you time and energy upon purchasing. Checkout out our bestselling products like a bean bag and bench covers today to shield your furniture. Don't wait any longer; shop foot stool bean bag covers today!

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

26" X 26" X 17"

1.8 kgs

33" X 33" X 17"

3 kg

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