Curvy Couch Bean Bag

Coversandall SoftFurniture04 SoftFurniture04 Shop for Curvy Sofa Bean Bags made from durable, mildew resistant and water-resistant fabric. Our curvy sofa bean bag chairs come with double zippers for child safety with YKK zipper. Get free shipping on orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/u/curvy_6_.png

Enjoy Comfort with Weather-Friendly Curvy Couch Bean Bag Cover

  • Offers protection from water, UV rays, tear, & mildew.
  • Backrest is designed for utmost comfort.
  • Double zippers provided for child safety.
  • Available in 2 standard sizes & with a pocket.
  • Offers 2 colors, & warranty coverage.
Patio Plus
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Buy Curvy Couch Bean Bag Chair Cover for All-Weather Protection

A comfy bean bag adds a plush appeal and looks welcoming. However, accidental spills or any outdoor element can steal its sheen forever. Covers & All Curvy Couch Bean Bag Cover offers comfort and renders a classic appeal to your space. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the covers resist water, UV rays, tears, and abrasions. They come in 2 standard sizes and neutral colors.

Eco-Friendly Fabric: Our Patio Plus fabric is made from 420 deniers, 100% Olefin with TPU coating for enhanced durability. This recyclable fabric is designed to withstand challenging environments, resisting mildew, spills, stains, and discoloration while providing long-lasting performance.

Water-Repellent: Our pristine bean bag covers are water-repellent. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent water seepage. Due to their water-repellent property, they stay dry and safe even during uncertain showers.

Heat-Resistant: The curvy couch bean bag covers are UV resistant. They display impeccable colorfastness and are highly long-lasting.

Tear Proof: Designed to resist tears, abrasions, scratches and scruffs, our high-tensile curvy couch bean bag covers ensure optimal durability. They look fresh and new for years to come.

Mildew Proof: The mildew-resistant fabric of our bean bag cover successfully prevents bacteria or mold growth. The robust fabric eventually keeps the bean bag safe and dry.

Two Standard Sizes: Offering a snug fit to your custom covers, both our standard sizes are perfect for a 3 kg bean bag. The available options are 26'' X 33'' X 35''h and 30'' X 33'' X 35''h.

Pocket for Storage: The rice-stitched covers come with a pocket for convenient storage, further enhancing the appeal of the bean bags. The intricate rice stitching possesses a distinct allure and reinforces strength.

Large Curvy Couch Bean Bag Covers are Available in Two Colors

Classy Shades: Extending the contemporary vibe, our bean bag covers are available in two classic shades- beige and gray. The striking hues perfectly integrate with any décor aesthetic, offering a coherent look.

Portable Handles: The couch covers come with comfy handles that are easy to carry from one place to another. These handles help with easy removal or installation of the cover whenever required.

Experience Hassle-Free Upkeep with Outdoor Curvy Couch Bean Bag Covers

Easy Upkeep: These spill-proof washable curvy couch bean bag covers are simple to clean and maintain. Just use a mild cleaning agent and water to effortlessly achieve a pristine look for your outdoor furniture.

Shop for curvy couch bean bag covers online and enjoy the best of both worlds. Also, explore our range of Curved Sofa Covers to keep your sofa in perfect shape.

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

26'' X 33'' X 35''

2.590 kg

30'' X 33'' X 35''

2.870 kg

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