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Lightweight & Robust Circular Bean Bag Covers for Lounging

  • Comprises 420 deniers, 100% olefin fabric.
  • Safeguards from tears, abrasions, and mildew.
  • Made with water-repellent and UV-resistant fabric.
  • Covers feature a pocket, access handles, and safety zippers.
  • 3 fixed dimension covers with two color options.
Patio Plus
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Shop Ergonomically Designed Circular Bean Bag Chair Cover for Indoors/Outdoors

After a tiresome day, all you want is relaxation. Our standard-sized Circular Bean Bag Covers filled with beans offer the comfort of lounging while adding a dimension to your indoor or outdoor space. The covers feature resistance to water, UV radiation, tears, abrasions, and mildew making them a worthy investment.

Patio Plus Fabric is Eco-Friendly: The Patio Plus fabric is made from 420 deniers, 100% olefin fabric. The fabric comes with a TPU coating that strengthens abrasion and tear resistance while keeping the UV radiation at bay.

Regular-Sized Covers: The perfectly small-sized covers are available in two sizes- 20'' X 15'' h & 24'' X 18'' h. Both sizes need about 0.6 kg of beans. This versatile piece of furniture can be used as an ottoman or a footrest. Need changes in the size? Browse our custom covers for any style of covering in the dimensions you require.

Moisture Protection: The circular bean bag covers online are offered in water-repellent fabric. This ensures immediate protection from accidental liquid spillage and unforeseen rains. The moisture will not permeate the surface, keeping it dry and spillproof.

Resistant to Tears & Abrasions: The covers may encounter sharp objects that may lead to scratches and rips. Our tear-resistant outdoor circular bean bag covers prevent such marks. Our abrasion-resistant covers prevent frays that may result from surface rubbing.

Mildew-Resistant Covers: Mold and algae spread disgust and an unhygienic environment. Our mildew-resistant covers prevent mold formation. Cover Rite fabric has a PU coating that inhibits mildew growth. Use chair covers that feature this resistance for your outdoor or indoor space.

UV Radiation Protection: Intense sunlight may emit harmful UV radiation that is responsible for discoloration. Our UV-resistant outdoor circular bean bag covers ensure protection from sun damage by preserving the color of the covers and keeping them in pristine condition.

Double Zippers for Child-Safety: The element of safety is of utmost concern. Our children and pets may accidentally open the zipper causing spillage of beans and slip on it. Our double zipper ensures their safety with their YKK locking system.

Variety of Colors: The washable circular bean bag covers are available in gray and beige shade. Both shades are neutral and complement the surrounding area. You can use them with any setting or décor.

Usage: The versatile circular bean covers can be used as round ottoman covers substituting chairs from the room. Use the circular shell as a food tray holder, low coffee table, or footrest. You can even toss it in the pool to keep your drinks while you float around in the water.

Buy our multipurpose circular bean bag covers that resist the outdoor elements and keep your seating space safe for use at all times.

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

20'' X 15''

0.6 kg

24'' X 18''

1 kg

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